Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Restaurant: Lola's

Restaurant Name: Lola's

Cuisine: Spanish

Location: Hoboken

Price Range: $7-20/dish

Info: 153 14th Street
Hoboken, NJ 07030
201) 420-6069

A group of 5 girls and I went to Lola's for a birthday dinner last Saturday night. Tapas is a Spanish cuisine, and are small dishes of food often served as a snack or with other tapas as a meal. The portions were decently sized for what they were (tapas dishes can be SO small), but the prices were usually around that of a regular entree dish. The place itself is very cute, with a Spanish village themed decor on the inside. The service was good as well, with a number of different waiters catering to us all night without being too intrusive.

We ordered the Spanish potato omelette, shrimp with artichokes and ham, clams cooked 'grandmother' style (yeah, I don't get it either), swordfish Lola's style, chicken in wine sauce, and the fillet mignon volcano. Most of the dishes were good- I'd definitely recommend the swordfish, which was cooked in a yummy tomato sauce with corn salsa on the side. The omelette was kind of bland, the clams were kind of salty, and the fillet mignon were 4 thinly sliced pieces of beef on a 'volcano', which was neither edible or useful in any way. And it was $16. =T We topped off the night with some yummy tiramisu (great, but not especially memorable) and a raspberry cheesecake that really hit the spot. The sangria was good as well, but it was really sweet and fruity, which is the way I like my alcohol. All in all, Lola's was alright, but I think it's more fun to go if you have money to throw around, as your tab can get pretty big by the end of the night.

Out of 10:
Atmosphere: 6 (the satellite radio/cable station they had blasting from the TVs kind of intefered with the pitch perfect cozy decor)
Food: 7
Service: 8
Overall Rating: B


Jessie said...

It's really hard to trust places that make Spanish cuisine. I've been to alot i mean alot and most are just eh.. bunch of C+'s. You should hit my uncles resturant! He's a great cook and the service is awesome. The Place still need some fixing to do but other then that its nice. Also i dont trust places with these small meals and make them uber pricey.. Like that fillet mignon ! They always come in small portions anywhere u buy it. i've been to one place that served alot and it was that place we went for julias b-day . B+ Hrmmm I might go see how it is =]