Thursday, April 30, 2009

Irrelevant Celeb Venture of the Day: GOOP

GOOP is a somewhat criticized weekly newsletter/lifestyle website that was started by Gwyneth Paltrow late last year. The themes of GOOP are Make, Go, Get, Do, Be, and See, and every week she sends out a newsletter that pertains to one of the words above (which is then archived on the website, in case you haven't signed up for the newsletters). It made news 2 weeks ago when in this BE issue, she talked about having a "frenemy" who had made her life hell for years. When that said person went through an "unfortunate and humiliating"event, Gwyneth was secretly glad... The media world went wild speculating that this frenemy of hers was none other than Winona Ryder, who used to be besties with Gwyneth but is not anymore. Dun dun dun, drama rama.

It's things like that that make GOOP so entertaining. I look forward to her opinions and thoughts in my mailbox every week. Since she's famous and she has lots o' famous friends, sometimes those friends will make appearances in her newsletters (Mario Batali's dinner party recipes, Madonna's Book Club recs) And I always laugh when she gets really into explaining recipes or restaurant recommendations, cause well, Gwyneth doesn't look like she eats anything but grass, but whatever. And yeah, I mean, most of us will not be able to afford half the things she says are "must-dos" or "must haves," but even with that total irrelevance to our everyday lives, I find her desire to make all of our lives better endearing (yeah, I'm rolling my eyes a little here)! No, but seriously, it's really entertaining stuff. I think she's cute.


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Site of the Day: Why the F*** Do You Have A Kid?

I found another winner, guys!

Why the F*** Do You Have A Kid? is pretty self-explanatory .. it features Fail Blog-esque photos of parenting at its worst.


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

FML: Swine Flu edition!

So, I'm kinda concerned about this whole swine flu thing, only cause it's spreading so rapidly and I am always concerned when the CDC steps in to declare an emergency. Well, in today's very special FML (that's Eff My Life, for you acronym-challenged readers) edition, I went to my weekly chiropractor appt today, only to find out he had just come back from a vacation in...Mexico! He apparently cut his trip short and the flu was no where near where he was staying, but he made me sanitize myself profusely anyway. So... everyone line up as I will be allocating my stuff generously when I "go meet Jesus" (as my friend Andy so eloquently and sensitively put it). Sorry, my Mac and CD collection have already been claimed. But I have a fabulous J.Crew collection that is still up for grabs! Should I not be joking about this..?

Swine Flu goodies (I know, wrong choice of word):
Dr. Gupta's Swine Flu Q&A
Tracking the swine flu on Google Maps
CDC page on swine flu


Monday, April 27, 2009

Save Chuck!

I LOVE TV. Duh. I also happen to love a lot of shows that not many people watch, aka the ones that are pretty much in danger of being canceled every season. I think a rabid, loyal fan following is just as important as being a highly rated show. Yes, it would be nice to be a ratings juggernaut like Two and a Half Men per se, but if CBS were to cancel it, just how many of those millions would be hearbroken about it? And how many of those millions would take action to try to prevent it from getting canceled in the first place? Take a show like Roswell, which I was a HUGE fan of in high school. At the end of every season, fans sent the powers to be cases and cases of Tobasco sauce, the condiment of choice for the characters on the show. I stopped short of sending the hot sauce in, but my friend Christina and I made all of our classmates sign a 'Save Roswell' petition, and we sent it to the WB. Upon the cancellation of Veronica Mars, fans sent the CW execs 10,000 Mars Bars. These campaigns didn't work, but sometimes they can, as in the case of Jericho on CBS. Fans sent CBS over 2 tons in nuts, and the network listened. They renewed the series to return mid-season for 7 more episodes (it was eventually canceled).

Now, I don't normally watch NBC's Chuck, but the fan support for this beloved-but-little-watched show has been nothing short of amazing, and I'm really rooting for its renewal. The season (and quite possibly series) finale airs today, so fans are doing one or both of the following 2 things: 1) Sending Nerds (the candy) to NBC, and 2) going to Subway and buying a sandwich (and filling out a comment card in support of the show while there). Why Subway? The sandwich chain is a major sponsor of the show, and the product has been featured prominently on the show. I think it's one of the more brilliant campaigns, as it hits NBC where their heart is, money. The more people go to Subway, the more Subway notices that Chuck fans are powerful, the more money Subway is willing to give to NBC, the more Chuck we get next season. Yeah? Follow the Chuck campaign on Twitter. And, if you are craving a sandwich, go show some support for this stuggling but beloved show.


Movie I Want to Watch: Paper Heart

Despite hearing random grumblings that Michael Cera is a little douchebag, I actually like him. Sure, he plays the same nervous, cutesy dork character, but it's quite endearing :)

Anyway, with that said, I want to watch Paper Heart. Basically, the movie follows a documentary-style in which Charlene Yi (holy cow, she's apparently like 33 years old!)tries to find what "love" is, claiming that she does not believe in it. On her journey, she ends up falling for Michael Cera.

It looks a bit quirky, and maybe tries a bit too hard, but it has definitely piqued my interest.

Here's the trailer:


Friday, April 24, 2009

OMFG of the Day

So last night, whilst at a housewarming party, the news was on. Big whoop, right? It gets better. So the party is kind of loud, and I'm just watching the news and just seeing pictures and videos - and then all of a sudden BOOM! I see a mug shot of someone who looked eerily familiar. JOSEPH PONSI. Oh yeah, he was one of the guidance counselors at my old high school! I thought it was some local news garbage and thought nothing of it.

HOWEVER, I decided to Google search him, and was surprised to find the following article:
"Police said Thursday night a child pornography sting in northern New Jersey has resulted in 21 arrests. Bergen County Prosecutor John Molinelli released mug shots of 16 of the men. The other five are juveniles. All are accused of trading images of child porn on the Internet. The youngest child depicted was a 2-year-old. Molinelli said one of the men, 63-year-old Joseph Ponsi of River Vale, works as a guidance counselor in the Palisades Park school system. " (


Okay, he wasn't my guidance counselor because my last name starts with a "P" - Mr. Ponsi had all students with last names beginning with A - K. But since a lot of my friends are Korean and have the most popular Korean last name of "Kim," I got to know him through many trips to the guidance office, especially junior and senior year, when SATs and college applications were the rave.

From what I remember, he was such a nice man. He used to be a wrestling coach, and had a tank of fish in his office. He always offered his help to me, even though I wasn't technically one of his "girls," as he affectionally nicknamed me and my friends.

Good Lord. He even signed my yearbook. I even stopped by his office to talk when I wasn't in the mood to go to class!

Wow, simply stunning.


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Anniversary of the Day: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are 25

So.. Donatello, Leonardo, Michaelangelo, and Raphael are 25 this year. Did not know that they're the same age as me, I do not know how I feel about that... Here is a fun little anniversary site celebrating our favorite green heroes, chock full of games and info and merch.

The TMNT 25th Anniversary Shell-ebration kicks off in NYC tonight, where the Empire State building will be lit in green, and there will be a screening of the original 1990 movie, "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles," at the Tribeca Film Festival tonight (200 Vesey St), as the film festival's first ever drive-in screening. The movie will begin at sundown, more info here. The NYC events are just the kickoff, this is an year-long celebration that will hit different cities throughout the rest of the year. They are going alll out for this! COWABUNGA!


O happy dagger!

Literary nerds everywhere are celebrating William Shakespeare's 445th birthday today. How, you might ask?

Well, besides having Shakespearean discussions on his many famous plays, Mayor Richard M. Daley of Chicago, Illinois, has declared today to be "Talk Like Shakespeare Day."

So unleash thy inner bard and nerd out with thine friends.

(And yes, the title of today's post is one of my favorite lines from Romeo & Juliet)


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

Today is Earth Day!

Sure, the world isn't going to change into an eco-friendly planet within the span of this day, but taking little steps is a start. Make sure to turn on the lights only when necessary, and to always turn off lights when you are the last to leave a room. Also, instead of dumping that water bottle into the trash, take an extra step or so to toss it into the recycling bin. Have your phone charger plugged into the wall? Unplug it when it is not in use - they actually waste energy.

And now, a cute WALL-E video:


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Freebie of the Day: Free Cone at Ben & Jerry's

Get a free cone at Ben & Jerry's today.

Not a fan of ice cream? Dunkin Donuts is having their Iced Coffee Day, costing you a mere $0.50.

Now if only the weather would pick up ..


Vitaminwater 10

Ok, here's my cranky old lady complaint of the day. Glaceau has been working overtime promoting their new line of low calorie Vitaminwater, called Vitaminwater 10. It's actually pretty good stuff, and since regular Vitaminwater has an average of 150 calories per bottle, you can get the Vitaminwater feel without drinking up your daily caloric intake. But, this is my problem with their whole campaign and brand label. Yes, they do make it clear that Vitaminwater 10 has only 10 calories per serving. But do you know how many servings are in a bottle? 2.5. Who drinks a third of their drink?? Yes, I know 25 calories is still little, my point of contention isn't that. It's just, I wish companies were a bit more realistic in their servings estimate, instead of breaking things down like that and misleading people. And yeah, a serving size is usually 1 cup which is how they get that breakdown to begin with, but honestly, a serving size should be the entire bottle. GRR.

But I will say this, the new low calorie Snapple juice drinks, in particular the Kiwi Pear, are AWESOME. And it's only 20 calories, and Snapple gets bonus points for not proclaiming that anywhere on the bottle or as a major selling point in campaigns to entice consumers. Thumbs up, Snapple.


Monday, April 20, 2009

Show I Want to Watch: Life After People

Not to be completely shallow, but I don't stray very far from specific channels on my cable. E!, MTV, VH1, TBS, Food Network, Bravo, ABCFamily, Disney, occasionally HBO/Showtime. Missing from this list is probably stuff I should be watching more of: CNN, MSNBC, Discovery, A&E, The History Channel. Oh, the History Channel. Starting tomorrow, they're starting a series that has me intrigued, and that I will definitely be DVRing. Titled "Life After People," it's a miniseries that looks at what the world would look like when human beings are gone. It doesn't aim to explain how we might vanish, just what would happen if we did. I freakin' love these types of end-of-the-world things. It's why I like those huge catastrophe-about-to-turn-the-world-upside-down type films, a la Armageddon/Independence Day/The Day After Tomorrow.

The visual for the series is set by special effects created from interviews with experts in certain fields- engineering, archeology, geology, botany, biology. The series will tackle the destruction that will happen to some of the most iconic structures and buildings of the world, places/things like the Astrodome, Big Ben, the Sistine Chapel, the Chrysler building. Not to mention, the creatures that might take our place when we are gone. ARE YOU EXCITED YET?? It's going to be so good. The website for the series sucks a bit right now, but I assume they will be loading it with more content as the episodes air. The first, called "The Bodies Left Behind," will air tomorrow night, 4/21, at 10PM. Can't wait.


Movie I Want to Watch: My Sister's Keeper

I'm not really a big fan of Jodi Picoult books, but the one book I do admit to liking is My Sister's Keeper. And lo and behold, we're finally seeing a trailer for the movie adaptation of the book:

Why do I want to watch it? Well, as mentioned earlier, it was a pretty good book. Secondly, Alec Baldwin is in it, and we all know how much I LOVE 30 Rock. I mean, there's not much I can say about this upcoming movie that can't be shown by the trailer; I saw this trailer whilst seeing 17 Again yesterday, and couldn't help but to hold back the tears from filling my eyes.

My Sister's Keeper is set to be released on June 26, 2009.


Friday, April 17, 2009

New Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Trailer

Time for another Harry Potter post!

I just saw the latest movie trailer for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince .. and I am beyond stoked to see it :x With an earlier release date (July 15), this is definitely my summer blockbuster movie to see :D

Watching the trailer definitely makes me want to reread Half-Blood Prince. Time to prep myself up for another journey to Hogwarts! (omg, I know I sound uber geeky, but whatevs!)


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hottie of the Day: Zac Efron

My my my, Zac Efron, how you've grown. I've always thought he was cute, from his High School Musical days, but now that he's officially 21 and officially moving further away from his Disney days, I don't feel quite so terrible about openly professing my schoolgirl crush on him. What is not to like? He's hot, he's talented, he seems nice, and minus him dating the untalented Vanessa Hudgens (YOU CAN DO SO MUCH BETTER ZEFRON!), he's not annoying like all the other tween celebrities out there (Yeah, I'm talking to you, Miley). And he actually cares about his career: taking interesting roles like 17 Again, his new movie opening tomorrow, opting out of the remake of Footloose because he didn't want to be pegged as the musical guy, not dropping an album just cause he has the singing chops, taking advice from former child actor/mega Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio. Nice job, Zac.

He's been working really hard to promote 17 Again, which leads to many many Zac related things as of late:
GQ article
People Q&A
High School Musical skit on SNL:


.. And all was right in the world.

When it comes down to shows on Discovery Channel, sometimes I feel like I am one of the few girls to watch it. When a friend recently met THE Mythbusters (Adam and Jamie!), I was sad to see that I was the only girl who knew who they were, let alone be impressed with such a meeting. Sadbones, I know.

But I'm pretty sure that pretty much everyone has at least heard of Man VS. Wild, starring THE MAN, Bear Grylls. Sure, some of the scenarios are staged, and it is disputable as to whether or not Bear Grylls can actually survive in the random, secluded spots he is supposedly dropped off at .. but when it comes down to watching either Man VS. Wild or Surivorman, I will gladly choose the former (mainly because Bear is easier on the eyes; sorry Les Stroud, but your harmonica skillz have nothing on Bear :x).

Anyway, Discovery Channel announced at their upfront yesterday that Will Ferrell will be a guest in an upcoming episode for Man VS. Wild!!

It feels like the world will explode from such awesomeness. Because in case you didn't know, I think Will Ferrell is pretty awesome, too (yeah, I eventually forgave him for horrible films such as Talladega Nights, Semi-Pro, and that horrible figure skating one..).


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Don't judge a book by its cover!

Here's the best example on why you can't judge a book by its cover. 47 year old Susan Boyle tried out for Britain's Got Talent, and when she walked onto that stage, she looked the exact opposite of a person who generally tries out for these kind of shows. A bit frumpy, a bit of a cat lady, a real-life never-been-kissed case, you can see people (including judge Simon Cowell) rolling their eyes at the first sight of her. Boy, does she prove them wrong. This video has spread like WILDFIRE in the past couple of days, and if you're not one of the 9 million who has already seen it, well watch it. She takes on one of my favorite songs- I Dreamed a Dream from Les Miserables, which is not an easy song to sing. I think it's pretty inspiring. I know this is so cliche to say, but it really feels like a story for everyone who's felt judged and underestimated for any reason, especially on the merit of one's appearance. I hope Susan Boyle becomes a big star, even if it's 30 years ish late into her life.


Gross of the Day: Fir Tree Growth in Lung

Um, yes I did say "Fir tree growth in lung." And yes, I am being totally literal.

WARNING: Picture is a bit gross/graphic. Be warned before you decide to 'Click for more' ..

A five-centimeter fir tree has been found in the lung of a man who complained he had a strong pain in his chest and was coughing blood...Doctors x-rayed his chest and found a tumor in one of the lungs. Suspecting cancer, they made a decision to perform biopsy, but when they cut the tissue, they were amazed to see green needles in the cut...It is obvious that a five-centimeter branch is too large to be inhaled or swallowed, doctors say. They suggest that the patient might have inhaled a small bud, which then started to grow inside his body." (

Blerg, yo. I'm a hypochondriac, and this bit of news has just added itself onto my list of possible illnesses :x


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Band of the Day: Daphne Loves Derby

Reason: I love Daphne Loves Derby.

Reason behind the reason: While in Seattle, a random stop at a cupcake place (Cupcake Royale) led to about 15 minutes of me hyperventilating. Why? Well, I was 99% sure that a band member from Daphne Loves Derby was working behind the counter. My not-so-supportive friends were making fun of me, saying that it probably wasn't him (though, in their defense, they didn't really know what the band looks like).
Anyway, after the hyperventilation ceased, I was able to approach the member in question, who did indeed turn out to be a member of my beloved band. (Thanks to the bf for helping me approach him - though, I didn't appreciate the last minute comment of "I bet it's really not him, you're going to embarrass yourself!")

However, since it's been such a long time since I last kept tabs on the band, I was saddened to hear Spencer Abbott was no longer in the band, mainly because he wanted to figure out his own life, aside from the band :( Old news, and it made me miss the old DLD .. none of this Good Night, Witness Light stuff (which I didn't really dig, as mentioned in an earlier post).

Nonetheless, I still love the band. Their songs bring great memories for me, especially that of their pre-Good Night, Witness Light days. And yeah, not everyone has heard of them, or cares as much about them as I do .. but DLD 4 life, yo.

Here's a sample playlist of some of my favorite DLD songs; enjoy!

Daphne Loves Derby


Friday, April 10, 2009

TV Review: Parks & Recreation

This is going to be a really short review on the new NBC series, Parks and Recreation, which debuted last night sandwiched between 2 new episodes of The Office. NBC has been promoting the hell out of this thing, frankly because they kinda need a few (or a lot of) hits to save their sinking ship, and have built an entire campaign of this show on this line: "From the creators that brought you The Office..." And that is my exact problem with Parks and Recreation.

It stars SNL alum Amy Poehler as Leslie Knope, the eternally optimistic and sorta pathetic head of the Parks and Recreation department of a fictional town in Indiana. The first episode sets the plot for the next season (or two or three), with Leslie's attempt to turn a giant construction pit into a park for the town. As with The Office, she has her share of interesting coworkers (the funniest being Aziz Ansari) and it seems like as much as it is about life in the office and office politics, some of the upcoming plot will also be grounded on her budding friendship with Ann (played by Rashida Jones), who gets her committed to turning the pit into a park in the first place. I don't like Rashida, but I liked this aspect of the show. Yay for fun female friendships!

But, I really didn't love the pilot. And I wanted to! I think Greg Daniels and Michael Schur (creator/writer and head writer of The Office, respectively) are geniuses and will pretty much watch anything they are involved with. I loooove Amy Poehler. But I didn't love this. Why? Though it is not a spinoff of The Office or related to it in any way, it felt exactly like an episode of The Office. The mockumentary style, the quiet buildup of humor, the similarity of Leslie Knope's character to Michael Scott, EVERYTHING. It's not that I don't enjoy any of the above, but I don't know, maybe it was because it aired between The Office that I really just felt like I watched 3 episodes of the same show last night. In all fairness, The Office had a really slow start too. And I already have Parks and Recreation set for series recording on my DVR, so I'm going to continue watching. But, my initial impression is that I just wasn't that impressed. Yet.

Let's bring this back to something that is near and dear to my heart. What I did love was The Office's new opening last night. I heart the framed picture of John Krasinski. Pam, you lucky lucky girl.


Thursday, April 9, 2009

Lookbook of the Day: Michelle Obama

For as long as the Obamas have been in the White House, and long before then even, the media has fixated on First Lady Michelle Obama's status as a fashion icon. Unlike other First Ladies before her, she has fully embraced: colors, asymmetric cuts, unknown and rising designers, *gasp* sleeveless dresses/tops, smart accessories, and my favorite store in the world, J.Crew. She has a modelesque figure and she's not afraid to show it. Everytime she steps out into the public, it's a frenzy to figure out who and what she is wearing. As a fashion lover, I love every minute of it. NYMag has put together this slideshow of every outfit she's worn since inauguration, which will be updated daily (or whenever she makes an appearance). My personal favorite is the Kai Milla green dress she is wearing in the picture above- her hair, the dress, the shoes, everything works. I LOVE HER!


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Song of the Day: "A Day Late" (acoustic) by Anberlin

Around this time of the year, my playlists are usually filled with upbeat songs - you know, songs you can listen to LOUD with your windows rolled down. But sadly, spring is still hiding, and the sun had yet to show his warmth to us.

So in the meantime, I've been in the mood for acoustic songs:

A Day Late (Acoustic) - Anberlin

Now I bet that in a few days from now, the weather is going to be soo stinking beautiful, and I'll think to myself, "Damn you global warming!"


Monday, April 6, 2009

Stop smoking and you'll make this child stop crying

Anti-smoking ads are typically supposed to unnerve you and tug at your heartstrings. After all, without some kind of powerful effect, are you really going to consider giving up an addictive habit you've been harboring for months/years? The latest anti-smoking ad put out by the NYC Department of Health has been generating a lot of heat since it first started airing 2 weeks ago. It's of a little boy who gets separated from his mom and starts crying. The tagline is, "If this is how your child feels after losing you for a minute, just imagine if they lost you for life.” The reason for the controversy lies in its exploitativeness, (I know that's not a word...)- the boy is young, and I don't care how precocious of a child actor you are, it doesn't look like there's acting involved here. The boy is genuinely scared that he just lost his mommy. Is it worth causing trauma to this little child, albeit only for a few seconds as the makers of the ad contend, to induce real emotion and make the emotional punch of the ad that much greater?

It seems to be working, in just the amount of feedback it's generated so far. I don't pay much attention to commercials, but even this one caught my eye when I first saw it. And unlike other anti-smoking ads (like the guy with the hole in his throat or the fingerless lady), you have no idea where this one is going til the end. Does this ad offend you as it has for a lot of people? See for yourself:


Mixtape: Girl Power!

I like female musicians a lot more than male ones. I mean yes, I swoon over the hot pretty boys with the guitar or whatever, but I identify more with female singers in general, so I'm naturally more into female singers. Here are some songs I'm listening to at the moment-- Girl Powah! Btw, this mixtape is ALL pop. Fun, mindless POP.

BoA - I Did it For Love
Unfortunately I have yet to buy BoA's US debut CD cause frankly, it was NOWHERE to be found. I checked Best Buy and Borders, and they were not carrying it. Sad... I know I can buy on iTunes, but I'm old fashioned (and a packrat) and like having hard copies of stuff. But for now, I am highly enjoying this charged dance song, which was featured on Forever 21's homepage not too long ago.

Erin McCarley - Pony (It's OK)
I first downloaded this song on iTunes when it was their free single of the week. I normally am not swayed by most of their free weekly singles, but the 30 sec clip had me sold. It's so catchy. And then I ended up buying her whole album. So freakin good. She was the opening act for James Morrison, so I was pleasantly surprised to see her perform live (I usually hate opening acts..). She's fantastic, and so is her album, Love, Save the Empty.

Ciara - Love Sex Magic (ft. Justin Timberlake)
Ciara's back! I've heard lots of things about the video but have yet to check it out.. I heard its steamy HOT. The song is catchy, and I like it, so what if the radio is going to play the hell out of it in the next couple of weeks? This is like a total summer jam, which is just around the corner, hoozah!

Carrie Underwood - Home Sweet Home
Who watches American Idol?? Ok don't everyone raise your hands all at once, now. I usually love the goodbye song the producers choose to send the booted contestants home off to, and this season they've decided to use an AI alum's work. Carrie's version of the Motley Crue song shows off her vocal chops, and it's the perfect song to put those goodbye montages to. She's having a really good year so far, she just won the Academy of Country Music Awards' biggest prize - Entertainer of the Year.

Miley Cyrus - The Climb
I think readers of our blog know how much I hate Miley. I enjoy her Hannah Montana show (I kindareally want to watch the upcoming Hannah Montana movie...), but everything she does in real life ANNOYS me- the way she talks, the way she dresses, her pervy boyfriend... But the girl puts out some catchy songs, and this is one of them. It's a single off the soundtrack for her new album, and though I don't think she has the vocals to pull it off (esp when she sings this live), it's a really nice song. I don't want to like it! But I do...

Black Eyed Peas - Boom Boom Pow
Fergie proved she can have a solid solo career, but she's at her best when she's with her group. This is the newest single by the BEP, and it's like half 'what-the-heck-am-I-listening-to', half awesome. You'll have it stuck in your head after 2 listens.


Friday, April 3, 2009

Coolest Business Cards EVER

I always thought that my company business card was kind of cool. Not really the traditional, boring design. It had a bit of flair. And it has this cool, glittery green color in it :P

But the employees at Lego have the No joke:

Seriously, how cool is that? Their "business cards" are personalized, each customized to look like the employee, with their names on the front, with additional information on the back.

*Totally unrelated, but it reminds me of the phrase my friend (Steve) has been saying: "Business in the front, party in the back" (in regards to mullets).


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Prom Dress Fail


No other words can possibly describe such a travesty.

Whoever designed this dress is a) a dirty man, b) a dirty lezbot, c) a lover of innuendos, or d) someone who is severely retartar.


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tune-in of the Day: Coming Home: Military Families Cope with Change

The tagline for Sesame Workshop is, "the nonprofit educational organization behind Sesame Street and so much more." When people ask me where I work I always say that we're the producers behind Sesame Street, but I also emphasize the so much more part, because I think the work that we do beyond the 30 minute TV show you watch with your kids is really what makes this organization shine. Tonight's prime time PBS special, called Coming Home: Military Families Cope with Change, is one of those examples. Sesame Street and the Workshop are not just about teaching kids their ABCs or how to share. It's also about tackling the big and timely issues in this world, and how children are feeling the effects of those issues as well as the adults.

Tonight's special, featuring Queen Latifah and John Mayer, focuses on returning veterans and their families, and how they're coping with injury, stress, and re-integration into life after war. It's a glimpse into a world most of us don't know much about- how things like an amputated limb, post-traumatic stress disorder, and depression affect children as much as the adult suffering from it. I got to watch a screener of it yesterday, and it's really powerful and uplifting, though it doesn't necessarily promise happy endings. What it does say, is that open and honest communication, patience, and understanding are the keys to picking up the important pieces of life, and who better than Elmo, Rosita, and their friends to teach us that? And, though I kinda hate John Mayer's song "Say," I have to admit that it fit perfectly into the theme of this special.

Coming Home airs tonight on PBS at 8PM. If you have like 30 minutes, I totally recommend you take the time to watch it.


Site of the Day: Pocket Edward

In case you haven't noticed, fellow Life in Boxes editor Jen and I LOVE the hawtness that is Robert Pattinson, of Twilight fame.

But alas, for every RPattz fan, there's a hater. But I think I've found the perfect middle ground to satisfy both sides: meet Pocket Edward! Basically, it's random photos of the figurine of Edward Cullen .. with the aptly named site, "Big World, Little Pocket."