Thursday, April 30, 2009

Irrelevant Celeb Venture of the Day: GOOP

GOOP is a somewhat criticized weekly newsletter/lifestyle website that was started by Gwyneth Paltrow late last year. The themes of GOOP are Make, Go, Get, Do, Be, and See, and every week she sends out a newsletter that pertains to one of the words above (which is then archived on the website, in case you haven't signed up for the newsletters). It made news 2 weeks ago when in this BE issue, she talked about having a "frenemy" who had made her life hell for years. When that said person went through an "unfortunate and humiliating"event, Gwyneth was secretly glad... The media world went wild speculating that this frenemy of hers was none other than Winona Ryder, who used to be besties with Gwyneth but is not anymore. Dun dun dun, drama rama.

It's things like that that make GOOP so entertaining. I look forward to her opinions and thoughts in my mailbox every week. Since she's famous and she has lots o' famous friends, sometimes those friends will make appearances in her newsletters (Mario Batali's dinner party recipes, Madonna's Book Club recs) And I always laugh when she gets really into explaining recipes or restaurant recommendations, cause well, Gwyneth doesn't look like she eats anything but grass, but whatever. And yeah, I mean, most of us will not be able to afford half the things she says are "must-dos" or "must haves," but even with that total irrelevance to our everyday lives, I find her desire to make all of our lives better endearing (yeah, I'm rolling my eyes a little here)! No, but seriously, it's really entertaining stuff. I think she's cute.


gregorysbfinite said...

Thanks. I've read so many negative posts concerning her site that this is a breath of fresh air. :)