Monday, May 4, 2009

I love Hugh Jackman

Prior to this Wolverine thing, I really didn't think much of Hugh Jackman. I mean, he's a handsome dude and the Australian accent is HOT, but whatever. Then this whole Wolverine promotion started and I kinda fell in love a little. WHY? In addition to being insanely talented (you have to give him props for hosting the Oscars this year) the guy seems so nice. For real.

In my quest to discover everything Daniel Henney, I stumbled upon a Korean talk show he and Hugh were on when they were promoting the movie in Korea a few weeks back. Yes, Daniel is pretty and delightful and funny. But Hugh, oh Hugh. His ability to roll with the punches, laugh at the absurd, and cater to the ladies who host the show was impressive to say the least, and yeah, I kinda love him now. He's so charming!!! And then this morning, NYMag had a slideshow of him called, "The Many Thumbs of Hugh Jackman," which is just various pics of him with his thumbs up at various Wolverine promotional events. It's actually pretty hilarious. And I've kinda clicked through it more than once... I mean, look how happy he looks in all of those pictures! Oh, and just for fun, here's his Twitter.

Click for the YouTube video of him on the Korean talk show.

I tried finding a subbed version, to no avail. Even if you need translations, I think you'll find it funny. The show is called Gold Miss is Coming (or something like that) and watching these 30 something single ladies fawn over the HOTNESS that is Daniel+Hugh is freakin fantastic.

Part 2
Part 3
Part 4