Thursday, February 25, 2010

To Their Moms, They'll Always Be Kids

I love creative marketing campaigns, and I think P&G is really smart to recognize a niche group watching the Olympics-- the moms. I mean, I don't relate to this commercial directly cause I'm not a mom yet, but my own mom loves this one, and she totally agrees, so I think P&G is really striking a chord. In fact, I do think this commercial is true in a lot of ways, cause even though I'm an adult in my mid-20s, my mom still gives me smooches and treats me like a kid (um, not of the weirdo, dysfunctional family kind, but in a cute way..). Anyways, as the Olympics draw to a close (not before Queen Yu-Na skates tonight!!), watch this and smile. And go hug your momma.


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Figure Skating!

There was a time in my life when I used to be reallllly into figure skating (watching, NOT doing), and that was because I idolized the greatest figure skater of MY generation-- Michelle Kwan. Michelle is probably (and unfortunately so) known to many as the great skater with one accolade missing from her collection, the Olympic gold medal. However, I know her as the graceful, classy athlete who is the most decorated figure skater in the history of US skating. When Michelle stopped competing, I stopped watching. And so, I haven't been excited about figure skating, until now. Last night was the short program portion of the female figure skating competition at the Olympics, and there is a reason why it is the most watched Winter Olympic event. Drama Drama Drama! LOVES IT.

In one corner you have the world reigning champion, Yuna Kim, a 19 year old from South Korea who is not only considered the greatest figure skater skating today, but quickly cemented herself as one of the greatest figure skaters of all time. The biggest celebrity of her nation, she has the weight of Korea's expectations on her shoulders, so much so that she can't even live and train in Korea. Her match with Mao Asada, an equally talented 19 year old from Japan, is the stuff scripted dramas are made of. Both carry the weight of their country's pressure on their shoulders, both are multi-millionaire celebrities, both are expected to bring home the gold and once and for all settle the rivalry between the girls' respective nations. And if drama and rivalry aren't your things, then you have tragedy: the current 3rd place finisher, Canadian Joannie Rochette, is skating a mere 2 days after the sudden death of her mother. Emotional stuff!

Tomorrow brings the conclusion of the exciting competition, and while Yuna Kim has the commanding lead at the moment, anything can happen by tomorrow night's end. My current prediction though, mirrors the current standings at the moment:
Gold: Yuna Kim (South Korea)
Silver: Mao Asada (Japan)
Bronze: Joannie Rochette (Canada)


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Operation: NO SPAM

Here at Life in Boxes, we try our best to post decent comment. That's why it kind of sucks to see that some of our top commenters are .. SPAMMERS.

With that said, we're officially switching over the commenting option so that you have to be logged into your Gmail account to leave us a message. Hopefully it'll stop random spammers searching for certain keywords and marking us with their spammy tactics.

Comment on, friends!


Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Bowl Ads: The best

As Julia said in her post last week, I too am a fan of Super Bowl ads, especially because I like anything that can hold my attention for a minute or less. I was actually pretty into the game this year (YAY Saints!), but I was on the lookout for some great commercials. I don't think I was blown away by anything this year, but the below are some of my favorites.

This is my FAVORITE of last night, and one of my favorites ever, dare I say. Simple, charming, moving, and pretty much sums up the Google brand and purpose in one minute, which really is what an effective ad should be. A love story told through a series of google searches, it was incredible storytelling, and probably more romantic in that one minute than some 2 hour rom coms. Amazing. Genius. Love Love Love.

How much do I love Betty White? For an 80 some year old, she is still a firecracker who is adorable and feisty and just plain awesome. I cracked up at this ad, in which she is battered around on the football field and gets to use the line, "That's not what your girlfriend said." Hilarious.

Bud Light
Umm. I freaking love auto-tune. I know, one of these days it will no longer be funny, but until then, I am still gonna laugh at the ridiculousness that is T-pain auto-crooning, "Pass that guacamoleeeee." HAHAHAHA.

Late Show w/David Letterman
And of course, the most talked about ad this morning is the Letterman-Leno-Oprah 10 second commercial that put the rival late-night giants in the same room. Apparently a lot went into ensuring this was kept under wraps, including Jay sneaking into the Letterman studios in full disguise to tape the spot. Totally surprising, and pretty funny.


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Gettin' Psyched for Super Bowl (Ads)!

On Sunday, millions(?) of people will be huddled around their HD TVs watching two football teams play against each other to win a bowl of sorts.

No? Hm ..

I honestly had no idea that the Super Bowl was this coming weekend, until a friend asked me if I had any plans for Sunday. I told him that I don't plan for things I don't care about (sorry, football fans), but he enticed me with my one weakness: commercials. With that said, I know that I will be glued to my TV, solely for the Super Bowl ads (YEAHHHHHH!)!! Millions of dollars spent on ads during a football game between teams comprised of players who get paid millions! That's my kind of Sunday!

Entertainment Weekly did their list of 11 Best Super Bowls Ads Ever and it's getting me super psyched for the big day!

Personally, this Fedex commercial is a fave, mainly because Cast Away was such a memorable movie for me:


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Road to the Oscars 2010!

This morning the lovely Anne Hathaway woke up super early to announce the 2010 Academy Award nominations, and while I cannot say I am surprised at most of the nominations, there were some things that made me go hmmm... I'm gonna do my predictions closer to the Mar.7 ceremony, but for now, here are my quick snap judgments on the nominees:

* Best picture
In an effort to include more mainstream (and popular) movies as well as the usual critically-acclaimed fare, the Academy nominated 10 movies for Best Picture this year. I think most of the movies (9 out of 10) are what was expected, but I am super surprised that The Blind Side was nominated. I love the movie, I love Sandra Bullock, but to me it isn't really a Best Picture nominee worthy movie. But, who am I to say, it has made a ridonkulous amount of money at the box office. I do wish the spot it took up had gone to The Hangover (my favorite movie of last year) or (500) Days of Summer instead.

* Best Actress/Supporting Actress
Given the amount of awards she has won this season, the Oscar is Sandra Bullock's to lose. Unfortunately, that is exactly what will happen. I LOVE HER, but I'm pretty sure her winning the big one (especially over veteran Meryl Streep) is slim to none. But, I don't know, The Blind Side did receive a Best Picture nod, so it is clear that the Academy does support her movie. In the Best Supporting Actress category, Maggie Gyllenhall's nomination for Crazy Heart comes as a big surprise since she's been shut out of nominations for all of the other award shows leading up to the Oscars. It doesn't matter however, Mo'nique will totally win this category hands down.

*Where the Wild Things Are
On a more personal note, I cannot believe Spike Jones's amazing Where the Wild Things Are was completely shut out of every category. Did I expect it to land any of the major nominations (director, picture, acting, screenplay)? No. But honestly even nothing in the technical awards such as costumes? Visual effects? Nothing?? So disappointing. It is a beautiful, beautiful movie, folks!!