Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Gettin' Psyched for Super Bowl (Ads)!

On Sunday, millions(?) of people will be huddled around their HD TVs watching two football teams play against each other to win a bowl of sorts.

No? Hm ..

I honestly had no idea that the Super Bowl was this coming weekend, until a friend asked me if I had any plans for Sunday. I told him that I don't plan for things I don't care about (sorry, football fans), but he enticed me with my one weakness: commercials. With that said, I know that I will be glued to my TV, solely for the Super Bowl ads (YEAHHHHHH!)!! Millions of dollars spent on ads during a football game between teams comprised of players who get paid millions! That's my kind of Sunday!

Entertainment Weekly did their list of 11 Best Super Bowls Ads Ever and it's getting me super psyched for the big day!

Personally, this Fedex commercial is a fave, mainly because Cast Away was such a memorable movie for me:


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