Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hottie of the Day: Zac Efron

My my my, Zac Efron, how you've grown. I've always thought he was cute, from his High School Musical days, but now that he's officially 21 and officially moving further away from his Disney days, I don't feel quite so terrible about openly professing my schoolgirl crush on him. What is not to like? He's hot, he's talented, he seems nice, and minus him dating the untalented Vanessa Hudgens (YOU CAN DO SO MUCH BETTER ZEFRON!), he's not annoying like all the other tween celebrities out there (Yeah, I'm talking to you, Miley). And he actually cares about his career: taking interesting roles like 17 Again, his new movie opening tomorrow, opting out of the remake of Footloose because he didn't want to be pegged as the musical guy, not dropping an album just cause he has the singing chops, taking advice from former child actor/mega Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio. Nice job, Zac.

He's been working really hard to promote 17 Again, which leads to many many Zac related things as of late:
GQ article
People Q&A
High School Musical skit on SNL:


Leonard said...

i like that he's branching out. i'll also give him props for the tattersall shirt he's wearing on the cover of GQ.