Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Band of the Day: Daphne Loves Derby

Reason: I love Daphne Loves Derby.

Reason behind the reason: While in Seattle, a random stop at a cupcake place (Cupcake Royale) led to about 15 minutes of me hyperventilating. Why? Well, I was 99% sure that a band member from Daphne Loves Derby was working behind the counter. My not-so-supportive friends were making fun of me, saying that it probably wasn't him (though, in their defense, they didn't really know what the band looks like).
Anyway, after the hyperventilation ceased, I was able to approach the member in question, who did indeed turn out to be a member of my beloved band. (Thanks to the bf for helping me approach him - though, I didn't appreciate the last minute comment of "I bet it's really not him, you're going to embarrass yourself!")

However, since it's been such a long time since I last kept tabs on the band, I was saddened to hear Spencer Abbott was no longer in the band, mainly because he wanted to figure out his own life, aside from the band :( Old news, and it made me miss the old DLD .. none of this Good Night, Witness Light stuff (which I didn't really dig, as mentioned in an earlier post).

Nonetheless, I still love the band. Their songs bring great memories for me, especially that of their pre-Good Night, Witness Light days. And yeah, not everyone has heard of them, or cares as much about them as I do .. but DLD 4 life, yo.

Here's a sample playlist of some of my favorite DLD songs; enjoy!

Daphne Loves Derby


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