Monday, April 6, 2009

Mixtape: Girl Power!

I like female musicians a lot more than male ones. I mean yes, I swoon over the hot pretty boys with the guitar or whatever, but I identify more with female singers in general, so I'm naturally more into female singers. Here are some songs I'm listening to at the moment-- Girl Powah! Btw, this mixtape is ALL pop. Fun, mindless POP.

BoA - I Did it For Love
Unfortunately I have yet to buy BoA's US debut CD cause frankly, it was NOWHERE to be found. I checked Best Buy and Borders, and they were not carrying it. Sad... I know I can buy on iTunes, but I'm old fashioned (and a packrat) and like having hard copies of stuff. But for now, I am highly enjoying this charged dance song, which was featured on Forever 21's homepage not too long ago.

Erin McCarley - Pony (It's OK)
I first downloaded this song on iTunes when it was their free single of the week. I normally am not swayed by most of their free weekly singles, but the 30 sec clip had me sold. It's so catchy. And then I ended up buying her whole album. So freakin good. She was the opening act for James Morrison, so I was pleasantly surprised to see her perform live (I usually hate opening acts..). She's fantastic, and so is her album, Love, Save the Empty.

Ciara - Love Sex Magic (ft. Justin Timberlake)
Ciara's back! I've heard lots of things about the video but have yet to check it out.. I heard its steamy HOT. The song is catchy, and I like it, so what if the radio is going to play the hell out of it in the next couple of weeks? This is like a total summer jam, which is just around the corner, hoozah!

Carrie Underwood - Home Sweet Home
Who watches American Idol?? Ok don't everyone raise your hands all at once, now. I usually love the goodbye song the producers choose to send the booted contestants home off to, and this season they've decided to use an AI alum's work. Carrie's version of the Motley Crue song shows off her vocal chops, and it's the perfect song to put those goodbye montages to. She's having a really good year so far, she just won the Academy of Country Music Awards' biggest prize - Entertainer of the Year.

Miley Cyrus - The Climb
I think readers of our blog know how much I hate Miley. I enjoy her Hannah Montana show (I kindareally want to watch the upcoming Hannah Montana movie...), but everything she does in real life ANNOYS me- the way she talks, the way she dresses, her pervy boyfriend... But the girl puts out some catchy songs, and this is one of them. It's a single off the soundtrack for her new album, and though I don't think she has the vocals to pull it off (esp when she sings this live), it's a really nice song. I don't want to like it! But I do...

Black Eyed Peas - Boom Boom Pow
Fergie proved she can have a solid solo career, but she's at her best when she's with her group. This is the newest single by the BEP, and it's like half 'what-the-heck-am-I-listening-to', half awesome. You'll have it stuck in your head after 2 listens.