Friday, April 24, 2009

OMFG of the Day

So last night, whilst at a housewarming party, the news was on. Big whoop, right? It gets better. So the party is kind of loud, and I'm just watching the news and just seeing pictures and videos - and then all of a sudden BOOM! I see a mug shot of someone who looked eerily familiar. JOSEPH PONSI. Oh yeah, he was one of the guidance counselors at my old high school! I thought it was some local news garbage and thought nothing of it.

HOWEVER, I decided to Google search him, and was surprised to find the following article:
"Police said Thursday night a child pornography sting in northern New Jersey has resulted in 21 arrests. Bergen County Prosecutor John Molinelli released mug shots of 16 of the men. The other five are juveniles. All are accused of trading images of child porn on the Internet. The youngest child depicted was a 2-year-old. Molinelli said one of the men, 63-year-old Joseph Ponsi of River Vale, works as a guidance counselor in the Palisades Park school system. " (


Okay, he wasn't my guidance counselor because my last name starts with a "P" - Mr. Ponsi had all students with last names beginning with A - K. But since a lot of my friends are Korean and have the most popular Korean last name of "Kim," I got to know him through many trips to the guidance office, especially junior and senior year, when SATs and college applications were the rave.

From what I remember, he was such a nice man. He used to be a wrestling coach, and had a tank of fish in his office. He always offered his help to me, even though I wasn't technically one of his "girls," as he affectionally nicknamed me and my friends.

Good Lord. He even signed my yearbook. I even stopped by his office to talk when I wasn't in the mood to go to class!

Wow, simply stunning.


steve said...

omgomgomg... simply gross. ><

he signed my yearbook too ><

Anonymous said...

I had heard the news about Mr. Ponsi and I can tell you I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT BELIEVE THIS! All throughout high school and before and after high school I spent a lot of time with Mr. Ponsi as did many of my friends. There was NEVER any hint of impropriety. He was always kind, respectful, and professional in his dealing with all of us kids. Everyone that I have spoken to that either had Mr. Ponsi as a teacher or coach ABSOLUTELY cannot believe or imagine such a thing from him. I pray that this is some horrible mistake!

parvaneh said...

OMG!!! wat is going on in the world????!! This is unbelievable!

Jovy said...

This is quite upsetting, actually. ... agh!

Andrew K. said...

OMG lmao gross........This is crazy guy helped me get into BCC i understand why george hatzis was always in his office. :-)

kim said...
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Anonymous said...

He was trading and looking at kiddie porn??? That is not just poor judgement...
You don't come across this stuff by accident???? Wake up! He has a sickness and should be put away. Tell that to the innocent children that are forced into doing horrible things so people like this can get off on it. It is the worst possible thing anyone can be exploiting, the innocence of a child.