Tuesday, April 28, 2009

FML: Swine Flu edition!

So, I'm kinda concerned about this whole swine flu thing, only cause it's spreading so rapidly and I am always concerned when the CDC steps in to declare an emergency. Well, in today's very special FML (that's Eff My Life, for you acronym-challenged readers) edition, I went to my weekly chiropractor appt today, only to find out he had just come back from a vacation in...Mexico! He apparently cut his trip short and the flu was no where near where he was staying, but he made me sanitize myself profusely anyway. So... everyone line up as I will be allocating my stuff generously when I "go meet Jesus" (as my friend Andy so eloquently and sensitively put it). Sorry, my Mac and CD collection have already been claimed. But I have a fabulous J.Crew collection that is still up for grabs! Should I not be joking about this..?

Swine Flu goodies (I know, wrong choice of word):
Dr. Gupta's Swine Flu Q&A
Tracking the swine flu on Google Maps
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