Monday, April 20, 2009

Show I Want to Watch: Life After People

Not to be completely shallow, but I don't stray very far from specific channels on my cable. E!, MTV, VH1, TBS, Food Network, Bravo, ABCFamily, Disney, occasionally HBO/Showtime. Missing from this list is probably stuff I should be watching more of: CNN, MSNBC, Discovery, A&E, The History Channel. Oh, the History Channel. Starting tomorrow, they're starting a series that has me intrigued, and that I will definitely be DVRing. Titled "Life After People," it's a miniseries that looks at what the world would look like when human beings are gone. It doesn't aim to explain how we might vanish, just what would happen if we did. I freakin' love these types of end-of-the-world things. It's why I like those huge catastrophe-about-to-turn-the-world-upside-down type films, a la Armageddon/Independence Day/The Day After Tomorrow.

The visual for the series is set by special effects created from interviews with experts in certain fields- engineering, archeology, geology, botany, biology. The series will tackle the destruction that will happen to some of the most iconic structures and buildings of the world, places/things like the Astrodome, Big Ben, the Sistine Chapel, the Chrysler building. Not to mention, the creatures that might take our place when we are gone. ARE YOU EXCITED YET?? It's going to be so good. The website for the series sucks a bit right now, but I assume they will be loading it with more content as the episodes air. The first, called "The Bodies Left Behind," will air tomorrow night, 4/21, at 10PM. Can't wait.


Anonymous said...

I was psyched to watch the 2-hour one-shot last year that the series is based on. Great for folks into end-of-the-world stuff.

But, OMG, they kept repeating footage after commercial breaks and show upcoming scenes before breaks.

There was also another special Aftermath:Population Zero that came out around the same time. Different channel. Same premise, but not too much overlap.

Both were very interesting and I'm definitely watching the new series.

sang said...

I read the article on this months ago, very interesting. Hopefully I don't forget to watch it today.