Thursday, January 17, 2008

Jersey Adds Camera to Red Lights

New Jersey will be adding cameras on traffic lights at dangerous intersections in order to catch red light violators. Funny thing about this is that a couple of weeks ago my dad was caught on one of these cameras in New York and was ticketed $120. He then proceeded to argue with me about how the cameras got it wrong and hinted at a conspiracy by "man to strip hard working, law abiding citizens of their hard earned money." He'd be more convincing if it weren't for the digital picture that accompanied his ticket.

I guess this will lead us to drive more carefully? I hope it stops the jerks who know they are being followed by a friend from accelerating at every yellow light/red lights. You all now who you are. I hope you all get caught.

PS: One of my favorite comedians is Louis CK. There is a lot of cursing so beware before pressing play. This is not for everyone...


Y said...

The more measures in place, the more people try to evade them.