Tuesday, February 26, 2008

2008 Academy Awards Wrap Up

So I was 5-2 in my Academy Awards predictions, but it's all good because I'm thrilled that Marion Cotillard won Best Actress for her amazing performance in La Vie en Rose.

But of course, the Oscars are so much about the fashion. While I didn't love love love any particular dress this year, there were standouts. The colors of the evening were definitely black and red. I normally don't like black or white gowns (give me color!!), but it is the color of the dress worn by my pick for Best Dressed.

Look how pretty and feminine Jennifer Garner's Oscar de la Renta gown is, despite the dark color. She's perfectly accessorized (re: not overdone) in her elegant Van Cleep & Arpel choker and matching clutch. Well done, Jen Garner, you've come a long way.

More of the highlights, as well as my pick for the Worst Dressed, after the jump.

I'm actually not a huge fan of Cate Blanchett's style most of the time, but I think she looks super cute here in her Dries van Noten gown. She's 7 months pregnant and rocking it. The eggplant/purple color looks good on her, and the detailing of the dress- the beaded halter, the embroidery at the bottom, is what makes the gown pop. It's totally Bohemian chic meets red carpet style.

I hate Katherine Heigl. She can do no right in my eyes. She needs to just shut up and act, and not be so damn opinionated about everything. But I have to admit that she looks really good at most red carpet events. She knows what works on her body- long, flowy gowns. The Oscars were no exception. She's wearing a red gown by Escada and she looks good, with the short curly hairdo and red lips. Just stand there and look pretty, Katherine, k?

Cameron Diaz has a lot of things going for her: toned arms, rock hard abs, long legs. I like when she wears short cocktail dresses because they highlight her mile-long legs, but I also like when she dons full length gowns. Basically, she can pull anything off. Pink is one of my favorite colors, and this soft shade of pink is one of my favorite shades for the red carpet. It looks good on everyone. This Dior gown is strapless (which is my favorite) and intricate with all its ruffles and wrinkles, and I love it.

Ok, so I totally have a girl crush on Marion Cotillard. She's pretty and she's legitimately talented. I didn't love her Jean Paul Gaultier gown at first, as it's a little mermaid-esque. But then she got up to get her award and I saw the back, and I thought, huh. Not bad, not bad at all. Sometimes, the best part of a dress is something not seen right away, and the criss-cross back is what clinched the deal for me.

And the Better Luck Next Year pick goes to...

Oh Tilda. I don't know if you're in this garbage bag of a dress because you didn't expect to win, but someone should've told you that you just never know when it comes to these things. Like I said, I hate black gowns, but that is the least of this Lanvin gown's worries. It's shapeless, it's almost velvety (velvet, velour, and anything along those lines should not be worn, period. We're no longer in the 50s/70s.), and because she's so pale, she just looks like a weird, gigantor of a ghost or something. Please, when you present next year, don't go for the shapeless boring dress.


Julia Park said...

Tilda probably would've glammed up if she knew she could have actually won .. she was so surprised to have won, lol.

les said...

booo!!! i hate KH too as you know and i will not give her full props!! the dress looked good, but up close, she looked SO SO old in her makeup! yech!

aaand i looved keri russell's! so flowy and pretty! and my sis wants amy ryan's hair for her wedding :p

Duchess said...

Hmm I agree she looked wonderful but the best? I'm not sure. I think Heidi Klum looked amazing and Helen Mirren looked like royalty. And the suprise beauty of the night? Kerri Russell.

songhyunah said...

I sooo agree with you on velvet/velour