Thursday, February 21, 2008

Review: Country Pancake House

Restaurant Name: Country Pancake House
Cuisine: Breakfast
Location: Ridgewood, NJ
Price Range
: $7-$13
140 E Ridgewood Ave
Ridgewood, NJ 07450

Whenever I’m in the mood for some pancakes or breakfast in general, the only real choice there used to be around here was IHOP. And you know what? IHOP sucks. It’s overpriced and the pancakes are so spongy that they soak up all the syrup, which is not a good thing.

Luckily, I found Country Pancake House in Ridgewood, New Jersey. This little breakfast joint is the best breakfast place I have ever been to.....

Three things make this place amazing: their variety, their serving size, and their price.

Their menu is beyond extensive. There is a page and a half’s worth of different pancake options (banana-strawberry, chocolate, wheat, and lots more) and three more pages worth of other breakfast options from omelets to frittatas.

The crazier thing is their serving sizes. They give you so much food, they don’t even expect you to finish -- the staff regularly walks around handing out take-out plates. If you order pancakes, you can get them as four regular sized pancakes, or two huge record-sized pancakes. Their omelets are just as impressive because they give you the omelet, two pancakes and delicious home fries.

Oh yeah, and every table gets complimentary fresh-baked corn bread.

All of this giant-sized food comes at a surprising low price. Entrees go from $7 - $13, meaning that huge omelet meal comes to you for a measly $10.

Of course, I’m not the only person who knows about how great Country Pancake House is, so if you go any time before 2pm (especially on weekends), expect a wait.

The hectic atmosphere also causes service to be a bit sub-par. It may take a while for a waiter to get to your table and on more than one occasion, they’ve forgotten small requests (such as asking for extra butter).

But, overall, it’s hard to complain about the service when the food is so great.

I highly recommend their fruit pancakes (their banana pancakes are my favorite) and their broccoli and cheese omelet. One thing to avoid, though, is their cinnamon apple pancake – the fresh cinnamon stings more than spices and their apples are a bit too soggy.

All in all, Country Pancake House is the perfect breakfast nook. While the service suffers due to the crowds, it is easily made up for by their scrumptious food and even more scrumptious prices.

Atmosphere: B+
Food: A
Service: B-
Overall Rating: A


Julia Park said...

Also, it's pretty much impossible to finish a plate yourself. Believe me, many have tried, and all have failed.

You are my Everest!

Anonymous said...

getting stuffed for breakfast makes me eel lethargic the whole day

bondguy1824 said...

About once a year since it has opened, I have gone to the Country Pancake House to see if it has improved. My two early experiences there were downright awful. However, given the throngs of out-of-town people waiting to get in there on any weekend morning, I figure they must be doing right. While over the years it has gotten better (marginally), I don't see what cause people to actually wait for any significant amount of time to get in there. They do have a very large selection of items and their portion sizes are huge, bordering on ridiculous. However, that is part of the problem. Their pancakes are so large that they get dried out. That could be due to the other problem, which you mentioned, the service. It doesn't matter when you go; it is slow and unfriendly. I've been in there when only four or five tables are occupied and you still have to continually prompt them for service.

Go back to IHOP, or better yet, any decent diner in the area. All in all, they provide a much better overall experience than the Country Pancake House.