Friday, February 22, 2008

Snow Day Activities

If you're one of the lucky ones to have a snow day from either work or school, chances are, you're probably still in your pajamas, lounging around your room. Yes, it is pretty chilly outside. But that shouldn't keep you from being a hermit all-day long.

As a firm believer in not "wasting a day away," here are some semi-productive ways to go about your snow day.

01. Missing a day of work might mean missing out on a day's worth of pay. If you're a healthy and strong individual, gear up in your winter best and equip yourself with a shovel. It's time to go around town and knock on the doors of homes with driveways that have yet to be cleared up. Chances are, they are more lazy than you, and would be willing to pay you to clear up the driveway and/or sidewalk. A few driveways/sidewalks later, you might have made more than you would on an average work day.

02. Go sledding. It's probably the most fun winter activity you did growing up, but you're never too old to go sledding! Relive your youthful days by grabbing a sled or any sort of sled replacement (a clean, garbage bin lid would suffice; or for you college dormers, try to "borrow" a tray from the dining hall), and find the nearest hill for thrills. You'll probably even see a few people around, so go socialize as if you were a young kid again.

03. Lemonade stands are for summer days. Hot chocolate stands are for wintry days. Go to an area where as mass of people are either sledding, shoveling, or having snow fights and offer a cup of hot chocolate for a reasonable price. No need to set up an actual stand; instead, get a large thermos full of hot chocolate and styrofoam cups. Again, a way to make a bit of pocket money, as well as a chance to meet some people.

04. Try to build an igloo or some other sort of structure. As kids, we've built forts to protect us from snowball fights. But now that you are older and perhaps equipped with some logic, building an igloo or some type of cooler snowman would be an idea to entertain. Round up some of your friends and go wild. Think "Calvin and Hobbes" proportions. Or even a walk-through maze, with that handy snow shovel.

05. Snow ball fights. Need I say more?


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