Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Spice Girls Concert Review

Monday, February 18, 2008. 8PM at Madison Square Garden, NYC.

First off, anyone who knows me can tell you that the last concert you'd expect me to review is that of the Spice Girls. But I'll be the first to admit it: yes, in my shameful 6th grade past, I enjoyed the girl-power jams by this power-pop group. I thought that I had left that dark part of my past behind me, but a surprise early birthday gift to see the 5 gals in concert left me with no shame at the end.

As mentioned earlier, I was at complete shock to be sitting in MSG at the Spice Girls concert. From what I saw and heard, tickets sold out like hotcakes, and the seats I sat at were pretty decent (thanks again, Jannie!).

Of course, after becoming a mega part of 90's pop culture, the Spice Girls have a huuuge [and obsessive] fan-base. I saw girls my age and older wearing clothes that they shouldn't be wearing, with their undies showing like they were Paris Hilton or something. Anything from skin-tight, Union Flag designed bodysuits to sequined short dresses seemed to be the attire of the night (I felt so out of place with my skinny jeans, a nice shirt I recently bought, and boots - and that was me being dressed nicely!). In the vast sea of estrogen, there were a few guys who were either hardcore fans or there to [ironically] hit on these female fans who so ardently sang along to the Spice Girls' songs of female power. I actually saw a guy pointedly take a picture of one of the scantily clad girl's butt!

The actual show in itself was very entertaining and enjoyable. And yes, this comes from a not-so-crazed fan. The Spice Girls were all at the top of their game, looking good and sounding even better live. But when it all came down to it, Sporty Spice really blew my mind with her vocal range - damn, she can sing! If I learned anything from that concert, it was that Sporty Spice has got an amazing voice; she sang in most of the sets, and seemed to carry the songs.

By now, everyone probably has read about at least one leg of the Spice Girls tour. Yes, they performed all of their hit songs and more. Yes, Posh does a runway walk; Sporty sang "I Turn To You"; Ginger sang "It's Raining Men." And yes, the girls brought up all their children when singing "Mama." But what made this NYC show different was Posh's youngest son, Cruz, breaking it down on stage. He literally boogied down, causing the girls to stop singing 'cause they were watching/laughing at the little Spice kid imitate moves as if he were a NYC street performer. Definitely a cute, memorable moment.

Also, when Posh's kids were leaving the stage, it was funny to see the eldest Beckham child using his wheelies (those sneakers with wheels in the heel part) to glide across the stage.

All in all, the Spice Girls concert was definitely a great treat. Whether you were a fan or not, there's no denying that these girls (well, women, now) have talent as entertainers. They've got the voices, the looks, the dances, and the cute little break-dancing babies that make for an awesome show.


Anna said...

i'm so jealous that you got to go!

Jen said...

i am beyond jealous that you got to go!!!

spice girls forever! ;)

Jessie said...

hRmm.. Are they still hot ? or not?!

SwtxSarah said...

It was such an awesome surprise, wasn't it? Never thought I would be sitting in a Spice Girls concert!!! And the last hint she gave us before we got off the train was totally true. I had a great time yesterday! We need to plan another one! HeHe~

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