Thursday, February 14, 2008


The history of Valentine's Day starts in the days of ancient Rome where a pagan festival that occurred in February once again involved people getting naked and doing all sorts of crazy things. In 270 AD, a Catholic priest named Valentine of Rome was executed by emperor Claudius II. The Church honored him on February 14 along with two other individuals named Valentine. There is no factual connection with their deaths and romantic ideals.

The first link between Valentine and love starts with Geoffrey Chaucer in a poem he wrote referencing the anniversary of King Richard II of England to Anne of Bohemia. Chaucer mentions Valentine's Day four times in his 699 line poem, The Parliament of Fowls. Problem is that their anniversary was on May 2. Chaucer was probably talking about some other Valentine's Day (there were multiple at this time). Readers got confused and eventually a long and elaborate myth about priest Valentine of Rome was started.

February 14 has now become Hallmark's bitch. Flower and Candy shops rake in on made up romantic history. I'm not impressed by most holidays (if you think Valentine's Day history is disappointing you should check out Christmas). I understand V-Day is what we make of it, I just question whether it is worth celebrating. I'm not a fan. Maybe I need a better story, maybe I'm just too cynical, or maybe you can only appreciate this if you actually have someone else to appreciate it with.

Maybe I'm just jealous?


Happy V-Day ya'll.


Anonymous said...

V-day is all relative. If you're celebrating it with someone than it could be the greatest day. If not, then it's just another day that's just a bit more annoying due to all the lovey dovey stuff all around you.