Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Coming Soon, To a Theater Near You ..

Koreans seem to be taking over Hollywood .. one movie at a time.

We first saw singer/actor 비 (Bi, the Korean word for "Rain," aka 정지훈, Jeong Ji-hoon) in People magazine's 2007 list of the "Most Beautiful," as well as Time magazine's "100 Most Influential People Who Shape Our World." And who can forget Stephen Colbert's hilarious rendition of Bi's music video? Well if you haven't seen the trailer for the live-action Speed Racer movie ... oh my! Yes, that's in the trailer as rival Taejo Togokhan.

Oh, and speaking of Speed Racer, old fans of the K-Pop group g.o.d (groove over dose) will recognize a quick glimpse of 박준형 (Park Joon-hyung). He's also going to be in the upcoming Dragonball movie as Yamcha.

And to round off the list, Korean A-list actor 이병헌 (Lee Byung-hun) will be making his U.S. debut in 2009, to a theater near you, as Storm Shadow in the upcoming live-action GI Joe movie.


Ginny said...

I cannot wait for the Speed Racer movie. I have random memories of sitting in front of the tv, munching on some cereal, laughing at its old-cartoon feel. Wasn't much of a Dragonball fan - it seemed to be more of an Asian boy thing. But I did play the old video games of it.

Jen Shin said...

We're taking over the world. Booyah.