Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics

As you probably already know, Hillary won a majority in Texas and Ohio, effectively making the Democratic primary race last for another couple of weeks.

What’s more, you can expect the race to get dirtier from both sides. There’s going to be a lot of political spin and half-truths being said. All of this can be very confusing to your average voter.
That’s where comes in.

Factcheck is a “nonpartisan, nonprofit, ‘consumer advocate’ for voters that aims to reduce the level of deception and confusion in U.S. politics.” Basically, they gather everything the candidates are saying and put it through a machine that takes the BS out.

So next time you find yourself thinking, “Obama says Hillary is the devil, so I guess it’s true.” or “Hillary says that Obama wants to murder my mother.” stop by and get the story straight.


Anonymous said...

What a cool site. Are they really, really, non-partisan? It seems like they might be, but it seems so hard to believe.

That's partially the cynic in me and just partially because of the absence of anything Republican related (which would make sense of late)

Vicki said...

so stuff like "myth: three americans every year die from rabies; fact: four americans every year die from rabies" can be checked on this site? COOOOOOL!

janet said...

with all the mud-slinging that's bound to happen in the next couple of weeks, it's good to know that there's a place people can go to for the truth.

Jessie said...

So Mexicans do steal white mans job =[

Julia Park said...

That is pretty cool.