Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spotlight: The Hush Sound

I'm not a big fan of Fall Out Boy, but I will say one thing: Peter Wentz has some good taste in music. Since making it big, he has been signing a bunch of artists to his label, Fueled by Ramen. Along with Gym Class Heroes, The Hush Sound is my favorite band on the label.

The Hush Sound is probably one of the best bands you haven't heard of. Consisting of 2 lead singers (Bob Morris and Greta Salpeter), a drummer (Darren Wilson), and a Bassist (Chris Faller), this indie group from Chicago only started 4 years ago, yet has made 3 really great albums.

They have created a unique musical style that is not what you would expect from a group that is labeled as alternative/indie rock. Yes, they do have a tinge of rock in them, but their music is distinctively light and almost contemporary-country'ish. While this seems like an odd combination, The Hush Sound makes it work.

Like with most good groups, it's hard to describe their music. It's much easier to give you a taste of it....

The Hush Sound recently released their latest album, Goodbye Blues. It isn't their best album -- they seem to go too much towards a slow-tempo’d, country / bluesy sound. However, it still is a solid album and has some gems in it.

My favorite song of the album is "Hospital Bed Crawl."

To get the best of The Hush Sound, you have to look back to their last album, Like Vines. The entire album is great. My two favorites in the album are "Wine Red" (their single) and "We Intertwined". The songs represent what makes The Hush Sound so good: Great vocals and catchy beats.

Wine Red

We Intertwined

The Hush Sound is the kind of group that you can brag to your friends about discovering first. They unique sound appeals to many people. And if their first 3 albums are any indication, they will continue to make awesome music.

Their Official Site
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Their Wiki Page


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