Friday, April 18, 2008

Sports Recap: No MJ, No Problem! (Finally)

The NBA Playoffs start Saturday and I'm actually looking forward to it. For the past couple of years I've had to watch one dull playoff after another take the joy out of basketball. Each year had on intriguing match up but nothing like this year. This year is tough to predict but here's what I know...

First Round East

Boston Over Atlanta in 4
I love the Hawks. I would trade the entire Knick roster and a quarter of central park for Josh Smith, Al Horford, and Joe Johnson. However, this series won't be close. Garnett, Allen, and Pierce will make this a statement series.

Detroit Over Philadelphia in 4
Detroit over Philly will not be fun to watch because the Sixers, outside of Iguodala and Miller, are not a good team. Hell, even with them they're not a good team. Detrot does an amazing job of boring sub par teams to death with tenacious defense and offensive efficiency.

Orlando Over Toronto in 6
Dwight Howard vs Chris Bosh. That's a matchup woth seeing if you're a basketball fun. I think Bosh will have a huge series. Unfortunately for him, Howard has the better supporting cast. Too much Hedo and Rashard for Toronto to handle.

Cleveland Over Washington in 6
When the Wizards lost Gilbert Arenas early in the season I thought they had no chance at the playoffs. Luckily for the Wizards (and my fantasy team), Antawn Jamison played like a man posessed. Even with Gilbert back, Caron Butler is struggling with injuries and theres no one in the NBA who cna guard Lebron.

First Round West

Los Angeles Over Denver in 6
Denver was able to get hot at the right time and earn a playoff spot. Although it's not a big surprise that the Lakers are in the playoffs, it is surprising to to see them as a 1 seed. Although, Denver can score with the best of them, they play zero defense

Dallas Over New Orleans in 7
Chris Paul finished first in fantasy rankings and will probably finish third in the MVP race. His Hornets are the biggest surprise of this season and have a been a ray of hope to a community that desperately needs it. The Mavs, on the other hand, struggled at first with Jason Kidd running the show, but it seems they have found their rhythm. My instincts say that Dirk will have a great series.

Phoenix Over San Antonio in 7
In the 80s, the Pistons had to overcome the Celtics, in the 90s the Bulls had to overcome the Pistons. This is the year that the Suns prove too much for the aging Spurs. I didn't like the Shaq deal with the exception that it would help them against teams with better big men. This is the early favorite as the best series in Round 1.

Utah Over Houston in 6
Houston won 22 in a row but the Jazz are a better team. With Deron Williams running the show, the Rockets are going to have a tough time matching up against the versatile Jazz.


Jeff said...

indeed..very hard to predict, but i do know one thing..Atlanta all the way.