Monday, May 5, 2008

[Feature] Close To Art

All work and no art make Jorge go something something...Luckily for me, I have friends that are artistically inclined. Why go somewhere else to check out art when art can come to you? These kids prove that Art comes in many ways.


Yuri Kim

What better way to start "Close to Art" than with LIB's own Yuri Kim. Yuri carries his camera as often as people carry their right hand. His strengths lie in his ability to find/create the perfectly out of place. Also in his ability to take pictures of me. JK JK

Check out more of Yuri's photos at his Flickr page.

Elliot Carvalho

Elliot has a knack for capturing the moment and his technique is excellent...I don't know what that means, but he does take awesome photographs. His shots of the African Safari are breathtaking. His shots of a naked anti bush rally prove he's crazy enough to photograph anything.

Check out more of Elliot's photos at his Flickr page.

Facebook Art

Christina Chai and Jessie Cazares

Anyone who has tried using Graffiti on Facebook understands just how impossible it is to make things beyond stick figures. Heck, my stick figures look like they have a couple of broken bones. Christina's drawings (left) and Jessie's drawings (right) make Graffiti seem like child's play.

Culinary Arts

Joey Campanale- Dell'Anima

Joey once brought an Italian wine as part of his report for Italian class. To this day it is the best drink I've ever had, but for the life of me I can't remember the name. Since then, Joey has founded his own restaurant, Dell'Anima, in the village. I'm expecting big things.

Check out Dell'Anima.


Eric Poon, Ravi Thanawala, Atif Ateeq- Vane Collective
I always knew Eric, Ravi, and Atif dressed well. Now, I'm glad they have extended their sense of style to the rest of us. The Vane Collective is stylish, bold, and thought provoking. These three guys will no doubt keep it interesting.

Check out The Vane Collective and why we are all Vane.


Koo Chung and Jinny Kim

I heard Jinny sing at a friend's house once, and I remember the room being very quiet after she finished. I finally spoke and said "That was freaking awesome." Point learned, Jinny is so good she leaves you speechless. Koo's music is lyrically and melodically brilliant. Think Jason Mraz but slightly more Asian. Even better for him, he's engaged to Jinny.
Koo Chung's Myspace
Jinny Kim's Myspace


Alejandro Marulanda

Alex is probably right. He might get kicked out of school for videos like this. But then again this is why you want Alex to make videos like this.


Jen Shin said...

I wanted to point out that 2 out of the 4 graffiti featured on your page are from my facebook page. So... I'm totally awesome.

Also, you should have made a shout-out to yourself, as you are quite the singer-songwriter. Victory is Mine!

Anonymous said...

madd skillz0rs

Anonymous said...

Jorge is also quite the model.


elliot said...

hey guys, i just found this very nice post randomly and wanted to thank you all for the nice words!

elliot de carvalho

elliot said...

hey guys, i just found this very nice post randomly and wanted to thank you all for the nice words!

elliot de carvalho