Friday, May 9, 2008

The Dreaded Mother's Day: Last Minute Gifts

Mothers. They've carried us in their wombs for 9 heavy months. They've birthed us. They've changed our diapers, bandaged our wounds, and made sure we were well-fed and clean. All of this for the glorious one day of the month where they could be appreciated in the form of a gift (well, besides her birthday).

Now that most of us are no longer in elementary school (or at least I hope!), we can no longer rely on those Mother's Day plant sales at school, purchasing African violets with the money that our moms tucked into our pockets, along with our lunch money.

For those who have yet to get dear ole' Mom something, here are some last minute pointers:

Bag/wallet from a known designer
-Since I'm on a budget, I've skipped over the Louis Vuitton store and opted for a safe choice in Coach. It's not as expensive as LV, but modestly priced for your mom to appreciate it. Just head over to a nearby Coach store (there's one at GSP) and get it within minutes.

-Instead of having your mom brag to her friends about how great and better you are compared to her friends' kids (maybe it's an Asian thing, but my mom LOVES to brag about me, even if there's not much to say -_-), get her something sparkly that'll speak for itself. A nice, simple necklace does wonders.

Flowers/balloons/stuffed animals/Hand-written card
-Any combination of the above is a safe bet since that's what Mother's Day has become. Personally, my mom loves getting a card written by me [in Korean]. I suspect she enjoys showing it off to her friends about how horrible my Korean grammar is. And getting flowers delivered is a PLUS. Who wouldn't like getting surprised with a bouquet of flowers?

Brunch/dinner, but preferably a nice one
-Take the family out for brunch/dinner, but your treat. Tons of restaurants have Sunday brunches or dinners at prix fixe costs. If you can't afford it, then try making Mom some dinner at home .. including her favorite dessert!

For other gift ideas ..
Check out Popgadget. It's for women (or in this case, moms) who are a bit more tech-savvy and in tune with the times.


Anonymous said...

mother's day is like sibling rivalry at its best

Anonymous said...

I have never done anything for Mom on Mother's Day.. .. sad yes. She tells me that until I get out of school I don't need to worry about Mother's Day or Birthdays. I'm sure deep inside she would have appreciated something, anything. However, I took that advice to heart, and to this day I might have written her a card or two. (I also wrote the card in Korean and later was made fun of and they seriously suggested I take some Korean writing course.) I do regret not doing anything for mom, maybe I'll surprise her tomorrow.