Friday, May 23, 2008

John Mayer, the Comedian

If When I become a celebrity, I'm going to be a cool one. Celebrities are much more enjoyable when they're funny and self-effacing. I think one guy who personifies this coolness is John Mayer.

Aside from making good music and having a good blog, he makes very
funny videos. His latest (up top) is a video describing his music making process.

Read more to see some more of his classic videos....

2 Guys, 1 Cup
I've already told you about the original 2 Girls, 1 Cup. John Mayer and Sherrod Small (of VH1 fame), parody that nasty video with Pinkberry and chocolate syrup.

Kanye West and John Mayer Record Bittersweet
Not only is Bittersweet a great song, but this video is hilarious.
"Go back and listen to Daughters, bitches."

John Mayer in a Bear Suit
John Mayer dons a bear suit in order to interact with his fans anonymously before a show. He goes around bashing on himself and mispronoucing his name as John Myers.
"Did you know that John Myres (sic) lip syncs all his concerts?"
"Your Body is a Wonderland was written for a guy!"