Thursday, May 15, 2008

People I Hate: Top Chef Edition

I'm not really one for reality shows, but the one show that I HAVE TO SEE is Bravo's Top Chef. I've never really watched any of the past seasons as religiously as I have for the current one .. but damn, they've got me good with this one.

Anyway, so the premise of this reality competition show is to have chefs from around the country to compete for a prize of $100,000 to start up a restaurant of their own (along with an editorial feature in Food & Wine Magazine, an appearance at the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen, Colorado, and a culinary tour of the French Alps). Seems pretty much like Food Network's Next Food Network Star .. but yowsa, DRAMA-RAMA!

So last night's episode just pretty much exemplified how much I absolutely abhor Season 4 contestant Lisa. Augh, she's such a mofo. I really don't understand why she's still on (well, probably because she causes so much conflict with others and the fact that people are probably dying to see her get kicked off so they could laugh victoriously). But yeah, whether or not Andrew got kicked off last night because of her last minute attempt to salvage herself by ratting him out, it showed what sort of dirty pirate whore she really is.


Aly Beth said...

Her commenting on his missing component didn't matter at all, they already knew it and his dish wasn't good even without him ignoring/forgetting the rules. Just wanted to get that out there. lol

If you think THIS season is good, you need to get to rentin' chica!

Stella said...

Agreed, other seasons are equally good...on another note:

Andrew rubs me the wrong way - probably because he gets along and hangs out with that Jason Mraz look-alike douche...

john said...

i end up rooting for the asian. (this season and last) its not a racial thing, but they always seem to be the most talented.

i think this season's winner will be between dale (asian) or richard.