Friday, May 23, 2008

RIP Laptop

My poor, poor, Toshiba laptop (2004-2008) has succumbed to a myriad of Trojan viruses.

Despite a valiant fight it clearly did not have the strength and will it had in its younger days. She was a good laptop. Given to me as a gift in the first week of January 2004, it began its life as my primary source of Internet during my stay in Florence, Italy. It was the only laptop in our room that was successfully connected to the Internet, and thus became the center of the room not only for me, but for my roommates as well. In its early days, it was used to keep me informed of news happening back in the US, as well as for playing True Poker, Madden 02, and Cossacks. Upon its return to the States, it carried on its responsibilities during my college years. It was there for every paper I had to write, as well as for every song and movie I had to download. In its later years, it encountered a few problems, but nothing a few updates and keyboard replacements couldn't handle. It laid majestically in the middle of my living room as though it owned it. I was beginning to think that my laptop was invincible. Tragically, however, two days ago it was infected and was unable to recover.

What can be said at a time like this? The files will be missed, the memories will be remembered. Not in bytes, but rather in reminiscing anecdotes of a simpler time. I guess what I'm trying to say is, fuck it! I'm getting a Mac.


Jeannine said...

let's all take a moment of go get your MAC!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

haha, I need to buy a new computer. Howard I need your help.