Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Song of the Day: "The World Has Its Shine" - Cobra Starship

A few months ago, I wrote up a review for Cobra Starship's ¡Viva la Cobra! After a few listens, songs have grown old and have eventually been kicked off of my more recent songs in rotation, but "The World Has Its Shine (But I Would Drop It On a Dime)" has survived the cut. Unfortunately, there aren't any good quality videos of the song online, so here's a cheesy video accompanied by the CD version of the song. Enjoy your song of the day, courtesy of my iPod, jPod (not to be confused with the book!).


Ginny said...

Not too bad. Though, I could definitely tell that he is part of the whole Fall Out Boy circle.

Yuri Kim said...

Cobra Starship is a lot better than what I had first expected :x Their entire album is pretty good. My favorite song is Kick My Sass though

Anonymous said...

This song shall join the others in my "Julia" folder.