Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Sports Recap: Playoffs Part Deux

Second round of the playoffs has begun. I went 6-2 in the first round. I clearly underestimated the speed and tenacity of the New Orleans Hornets and the stupidity of the Phoenix Suns. How many times can you get beat by the pick and roll! No worries.

Hornets Over Spurs in 7
Yes the series is already 2-0 Hornets but I honestly picked this before they started. I'm clearly not a fan of the Spurs this year. I think they're team was too slow for the Suns and I think they're too slow for the Hornets. That being said they could very well come out and win the next four in a row and make me look stupid.
Hornets win because: Chris Paul is not only good offensively, he reeks havoc on the defensive side of the ball. The Spurs won't have such an easy time executing the pick and roll.

Lakers Over Jazz in 6
The Jazz have a little bit of everything you would like in a team. Unfortunately, what they don't have, and no one else on this planet for that matter, is someone who can guard Kobe Bryant. I know no one has been able to guard Kobe for a while but this year his team is considerably better.
Lakers win because: Phil Jackson is the master of dictating tempo and of course Kobe.

Detroit Over Orlando in 6
In the most boring series left in the playoffs the Pistons will once again mind numbingly drill their style of play into their opponent. I feel sorry for the Magic. Not because they'll get beat but because they'll probably be comatose by the time they're done.
Pistons win because: Detroit has plenty of bigs to frustrate Dwight Howard while Tayshaun Prince is long enough to bother Hedo Turkoglu.

Celtics Over Cavs in 5
Game one was an exciting 76-72 game. Yikes. This foreshadows a defensive, beat down series ala Knicks vs Heat. If Lebron was complaining about the fouls during the Wizards series, he might as well put on a cast and get on a wheel chair right now.
Celtics win because: Lebron will have to single handedly win four games and because Kevin Garnett will not allow Ben Wallace to stop him.


Anonymous said...

I know I'm not very knowledgeable in basketball... ... ... sports.. but Spurs too slow for the Suns??! Maybe in the past, but the games I saw (yes I watched some games and lost some money >_<) With Shaq on the team, their fast break style is no longer in existence. (Did I make sense there? Hope so.)

I predict Spurs at 7. Why? Although I don't like the Spurs, I lose 5 dollars if Lakers take the West, and 5 more if they win the whole thing. I think Spurs have a better shot taking down the Lakers then Hornets? Especially since the Lakers are going 4-0 against the Jazz, they're going to be well rested. haha

P.s. Can't wait till the French Open.