Friday, May 2, 2008

T-Shirt Season

Since spring is finally here, which means I have an excuse to buy t-shirts. I know that there are tons of shirt websites sprouting up nowadays, but here are my top three shirt sites:
This is probably my favorite t-shirt website (as I've mentioned before). Users submit designs that they think would make good t-shirts. The rest of the community votes (which you can participate in), and the best ones get made. The only thing is they print a limited amount, if you aren't fast, your favorite design will be sold out.

I already own Pillow Fight and Ah Munna Eat Choo. My next purchase will probably be You've Got Some Splaining To Do.
It's no secret that I'm a big fan of all things College Humor. Their t-shirt site, Busted Tees has some really hilarious shirt designs.

I have South Korea's Got Seoul and bought fellow editor Jorge the More Cowbell shirt. I don't think I can resist getting Jake and Amir on my body next. So ace.

An offshoot of the popular, features one shirt a day. They pay designers, some famous, some not, $1000 to design a shirt, plus $2 for each shirt sold after the first day. for the website, and sell them for $10 a peice.

I have yet to buy a shirt, but that is definitely going to change soon. My favorite one? Anatomy test.


Jen Shin said...

You forgot to add that I too own a 'South Korea's got Seoul' shirt. We had this discussion, Yuri!

Anonymous said...

The anatomy shirt is a little off.


grace said...

my son has the illegitimate choco milk one... i have "partly hungry skies" and "we can fix that"

LOVE their tshirts!