Tuesday, June 3, 2008

30 Upcoming Movie Sequels

The release of Sex and the City last Friday exceeded all preconceived expectations set by studios/producers and critics alike- by the end of the weekend, the film had grossed $55 million, one of the highest ever for a #1, R-rated movie release, and THE highest for a movie targeted towards women, which is no easy feat. Apparently we women don't rush out in droves to watch films on opening weekends like the boys do. Anyways, when a movie does that well, of course talks of making a sequel inevitably follows.

(Possible spoiler alert!) I don't know what they could possibly do in a sequel of the movie. Honestly, as much as I loved SatC, it was pure, frothy, shiny fluff- 2+ hours of beautiful people, beautiful city, beautiful designer labels. But I had so much fun organizing the movie excursion with my girls, as well as really liking the movie in general, that I would definitely be there opening weekend if they do make a sequel. And also, I have to say, despite my hate for sequels, my girlfriends and I are almost unhealthily looking forward to Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2, due out in August. YAYYY!

While talks of a SaTC sequel is premature, there are a ton of sequels in various production stages, waiting to be made/finished/released. Here are 30 upcoming movie sequels you might not have known about, courtesy of Den of Geek. I don't like what's looming on the horizon. I am looking forward to Toy Story 3, but that's about it. Hollywood, I too am dissatisfied at your utter unoriginality!


Anonymous said...

I'm all into trailers and upcoming movie news, but that list was just plain old depressing.