Friday, June 20, 2008

Deal of the Day: Woot-off! is having a Woot-Off today, which will probably last most of the weekend.


Don't know what the hell I'm talking about? Let me explain. is a website that sells one item a day (starting at 12 am Central time), usually for a deeply discounted price and always with $5 flat-rate shipping. They only have a limited amount of the item in stock, so if their stock sells out, or if 24 hours time period expires, the item becomes no longer for sale.

Generally, they sell tech-related goods, like speakers, keyboards, computers and televisions. However, they've been so successful, that they've branched out to selling t-shirts, creating a site with Yahoo!, and strangely enough, selling wine.

Aside from a great sales technique (which has led to numerous copycat sites), what makes Woot so cool is their sense of humor. Even if you have no interest in buying what they're offering on a given day, their item descriptions are always worth a good laugh. It's especially funny when they admit that what they're selling is crap.

So yeah.

Now that you know what Woot is, you need to learn about Woot-offs. Woot-offs (which are indicated by the flashing yellow lights on the homepage) are special events where they have a non-stop selling spree. They sell a item until it is sold out, then instead of waiting until the next day to sell another item, they post up a new product for sale immediately. Woot-offs are fun because they're fast paced and it's exciting to see what they'll have on sale next.

What's more, it's another genius sales technique because people have been known to buy some of the cheaper items in an effort to clear the stock and to see what will be next on the queue.

So, now you're all caught up, check Woot out, and try to find yourself something nice. Personally, I just bought an iPod/cell phone car/outlet charger thing for $10. Sweet deal.