Friday, June 13, 2008

What Are You Doing This Weekend?

Fri: 85° / 64°, mostly sunny and warm
Sat: 90° / 66°, clouds and sunshine - humid
Sun: 83° / 63°, clouds and sunshine

The Incredible Hulk (starring Edward Norton, Liv Tyler, Tim Roth)

The Happening (starring Mark Wahlberg, Zooey Deschanel, John Leguizamo)


Palisades Park Street Festival (through Sunday, June 15th / Broad Avenue, Palisades Park): Traffic, tents, balloons, oh my! It must mean one thing - the Palisades Park Street Festival is around. Mostly Korean stores are participating in it, but there's a few sales from the overpriced clothing stores (20% off on a $70 shirt?) and some cheap servings of yummy kimbap or sweet rice cakes from the Korean bakeries. It's great for a walk through town.

Children's Day Target Fireworks
(Saturday, June 14th from 12PM, music + fireworks at 8PM / South Street Seaport, Pier 16 and 17): If you have kids or if you're babysitting, this is a must for all kids! Sing-alongs with Gordon from Sesame Street, meet-and-greets with famous costumed characters, stage performances, and hours of free entertainment. The day-long event concludes a live performance by the Brooklyn Philharmonic and the Spectacular Target Fireworks show.

Father's Day (Sunday, June 15th): Spend some time with the old man, or show your appreciation for him in one way or the other! Chris Rock said it best:

Nobody appreciates daddy..I'm talking about the real daddy that handles the [insert profanity] business. Nobody ever says, "Hey, Daddy, thanks for knocking out this rent!" "Hey, Daddy, I sure love this hot water!" "Hey, Daddy, it sure is easy to read with all this light!"...Think about everything that the real daddy does. Pay the bills, buy the food, put a [insert profanity] roof over your head, everything you could ask for. Make your world a better, safer place, and what does daddy get? The big piece of chicken. That's all daddy gets is the big piece of chicken. And some women don't want to give up the big piece of chicken.


sang said...

haha, Chris Rock.