Friday, July 11, 2008

City Review: Los Angeles

Los Angeles is actually short for El Pueblo De Nuestra Senora la Reina de los Angeles de Porcincula. Isn't that just precious? I was only in LA for about a week so I can only say so much about it.

It rains about 29 days a year in LA with the average temparature ranging from 50-77. The week I was there was a bit warmer than normal, but it was sunny everyday. The best thing LA has going for it is the lack of humidity. I'll take a dry 90 degrees over a humid 80 degrees anytime.

Climate Score: 95/100

The West Coast is lucky enough to have In N Out Burgers, but In N Out is ultimately improved fast food. What LA excells at is cheap, good Korean and Mexican food. My first night in LA I had all you can eat Korean BBQ for $16. I ate more galbi and samgyeopsal than any man should ever eat. Mexican food in Los Angeles is significantly better than in the East Coast. One day, my friend Koo and I stumbled upon Sharky's Mexican Grill. Sharky's is Mexican fast food but it puts Taco Bell to shame. The burritos are bigger, meatier, and saucier. They also have a salsa bar in the middle of the store with a variety of salsas free of charge. Finally, LA also offered the best bubble tea I've ever had courtesy of Boba World. I'll be dreaming of their strawberry+pineapple smoothie everyday this summer.

Food Score: 90/100

Site Seeing
Los Angeles has awesome beaches (although I've recently heard that the Jersey shore actually ranks higher) but if you're expecting a lot of the city itself you'll be sadly disappointed. The Hollywood Walk of Fame is nothing more than a couple of blocks of 5 point stars etched on concrete. Trying to find your favorite entertainer is a waste of time. Los Angeles is also huge! 469 square miles, over 150 square miles larger than New York City. Like New York it is broken into many neighberhoods, each with their unique style. However, the socioeconomic status of each neighberhood is more pronounced in Los Angeles.

Site Seeing Score: 81/100
People in Los Angeles live to the stereotype of being very relaxed. I guess when the forecast is "perfect" everyday it's hard to get upset over things. They are genuinely friendly and not too friendly to the point where it's annoying. Another plus is that the city is very multi-ethnic. Anyone who has stayed in the boondocks of the South and the Midwest can appreciate this (No offense Wildwood, Georgia). However, I do get the feeling that they can be pretty distant. Also they want to save the environment one advertisement at a time.
Culture Score: 81/100

I can totally see myself living in Los Angeles. The weather and the food alone are good enough to keep me there for at least a year or two. The people maybe a little less passionate about things than I would like them to be, but I'm sure I could learn to love the lifestyle.
Overall Score: 87


Jen Shin said...

Did you see celebrities? I know, cliche, but when I was out there, I unexpectedly ran into a couple, though no one A-list. Lisa Kudrow at Disney Land, Corey Feldman (of AETV's The Two Corey's), and that lady who played Kate Winslet's mom in Titanic. =P

Vicki said...

ahahaha I told Peter that you guys can visit me when I go out there next year!

sang said...

Where is the entertainment section?

I still can't believe you did not go surfing. . shame.