Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Samsung: Setting Us Back A Few Years

Way to set us back, Samsung.

In order to target female techies, the tech developers at Samsung have developed a concept ultra-sleek external hard drive (called the Costume) to appeal to women. Tech developers are hoping that the hard drive's design, which resembles a piece of makeup, will interest female techies.

When I first saw this on Popgadget, the inner-feminist in me was boiling in rage. Sure, my eyes are more likely to notice a cute design in electronics and such, but girls are not the only ones who find sleek designs appealing.

Personally, I don't wear any makeup, but if I'd imagine a lot of women losing their external hard drives in their vast bag of makeup things.

For a tech company trying to advance the way we see the future, it sure is setting us back to a time when all women ever thought about was sitting pretty amongst pretty things.


Anonymous said...

as long as that's what it takes to market a product to a certain group of people,right?

sang said...

I don't think its really that bad. I'd buy it so i can carry it in my pocket.

Howard said...

oh sabg.