Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Upcoming: NYC Sound Tracks

Nothing passes the time better in a New York City subway station than hearing a subway musician perform. It's sort of awesome to see someone stop chatting away on their cellphone or remove their headphones to hear some good, live music. They say that music is the universal language, and in a city full of cold-hearted New Yorkers (or so they say) and foreign tourists, a single subway musician can turn heads all around.

So it only makes sense to capitalize on it and turn it into a television show.

MSG's NYC Sound Tracks premieres on Sunday, January 13th at 8PM ET, and will be searching for New York City's best subway musician. The series will air a new episode every Sunday night following the premiere, enabling the viewers to vote for their favorite subway musician.

Doesn't seem to be a shabby concept. Not to mention that it would be awesome to see a subway performer I've actually seen perform ..


Ginny said...

That's actually pretty cool. Not sure if I have MSG on tv though.

Dawn said...

Thanks for the info - I have to check if I get this channel. I hope so - I want to watch it. But you said it airs on Sunday, January 13th? That's a long way away...
Maybe I'll see this lady who plays the saw at 14th street :) I see here a lot, and I always stop to listen. When she plays it sounds like an opera singer, but it's the saw. Did you ever see her?

sang said...

Do they get record deals if they win?

Anonymous said...

Check out YouTube.com/NYCSubwayTheater.

It is just easier to see these artist in their natural environment, kool site, found it yesterday and subscribed.