Friday, July 18, 2008

While you were sleeping.... TV Edition!

A lot has been happening in the TV world...

2008 Emmy Awards Nominations
The Emmy nominations were announced yesterday, the winners will be announced at the awards in Sept. It was a good year for cable TV, with tons of cable shows leading nominations, including Mad Men and Damages making history by becoming the first cable shows to get Best Drama Series noms. Also, Ryan Secrest may finally win an Emmy- it's the first year best reality host will be honored. Other than that, not too many surprises.

MTV Soundtrack

Finally: MTV has launched a website that is an interactive guide to music featured on all of their shows. So no more googling 'what was the name of the song on last night's The Hills'? Head over to the site, stream the song, discuss with fans, buy the song. You can also discover new artists, as bands are encouraged to set up profiles and upload music. Kinda cool. I'll be using the site a lot when the Hills returns in the fall.

Katie Holmes guesting on Eli Stone
Holmes is returning to the small screen on ABC's Eli Stone, to air later this year. So she turns down the Dark Knight and instead is widening her repertoire with small cameos on TV, ok... Full circle I guess, returning to the medium that made her famous in the first place. Apparently she's singing and dancing in this role. I actually really like her (and SURI!!), despite her crazo husband.

Grey's Anatomy not killing off Katherine Heigl
ABC president Stephen McPherson and Grey's Anatomy exec producer Shonda Rhimes are both vehemently denying Katherine Heigl's Izzie character being killed off this upcoming season. Rumors have been swirling that writers on the show have been super unhappy with Heigl, since she publicly claimed she was taking her name out of the running for an Emmy nomination because she didn't feel her storyline on Grey's this past season was award-nomination worthy. Some people saw the comment as noble, others, not so much. Hey, Katherine, I know you're a bankable movie star now, but try not to bite the hand that feeds you, ok? You need to just like shut up and act.

SNL's Amy Poehler to headline NBC's Office Spinoff
Good news galore for the funny lady, not only did she get nominated yesterday for an Emmy for Outstanding Actress for her work on SNL, she's now confirming that she'll be involved in the upcoming Office spinoff. Not much has been revealed about the show, except that it's now probably not going to be an extension of the original, but an entirely new series helmed by the same creators.

Project Runway Season 5 Debuted this Week
Didn't know? Don't blame you. Bravo did a terrible job promoting the season premiere, probably cause they're still mad that they're losing the hot show to Lifetime next year. Bravo claims that the lack of promotion was to maintain the contestants' anonymity, but um, I remember them promoting the crap out of the show for every other season. Hmmmm. Project Runway still managed to pull in viewers, being on par with other season premieres.


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