Friday, August 1, 2008 upgrades their site, is made more awesome. (which was previously revamped their entire site yesterday, so I figured it would be a good time to plug their awesome service.

Delicious is basically your favorites folder, except online. This is really convenient if you're ever been in a situation where you were away from your home computer but needed a link in your favorites folder. What's more, Delicious allows you to tag and add descriptions to your links, making it much easier to search through after you've accumulated a large list of favs.

Aside from the basic bookmarking services, Delicious has a social aspect to it in that you can share links to your Delicious contacts and you can see how many other people online have saved the same pages you have.

I've been using Delicious for a few years now and I love it. It keeps me organized and has been a lifesaver when I've wanted to find a site that I hadn't been on for ages. With it's recent upgrade, looks much more Web 2.0 and also runs faster. Delicious is dead simple to use and definitely worth checking out.


sang said...

This would have been very useful during school.