Thursday, August 21, 2008

Douchebag Award

It’s the same old same old, you’re losing takeoff at the big heights. (shrugs)
Whaddaya gonna do? (shrugs, looks away) Gotta learn to keep takeoff. You got
caught at that meat grinder. I did not - and I told 10 people - I didn’t wanna
be caught in a meat grinder between 65 and 80. You had to, though. You weren’t
on, your warmup didn’t go well. You were at 55. You got caught up in that meat
grinder. Whaddaya gonna do? (shrugs, looks away) Whaddaya gonna do? (shrugs,
looks away) Didn’t have the legs. Her legs are fresh. Hey, it’s a silver medal.
Not bad for someone that’s been pole vaulting for four years. (looks down at his

These are the words coach Rick Suhr had for Jenn Stuczynski after she won the silver medal for pole vaulting. Stuczynski lost to the best pole vaulter ever and she gets a "not bad" from her coach. Bravo, Mr. Suhr. You have clearly earned the gold medal for douchebaggery. Truly an inspiration for other douchebags sure to follow in your footsteps.


Jen Shin said...

I saw this go down and I was like WTH. I was so mad! I don't see a medal around his neck, so whatever. How f-ing rude. You're at the Olympics with one of the best pole vaulters, and instead of showing her some respect that's what he tells her? Someone needs to learn how to be a good coach.

Howard said...

The man deserves a silver for douchebaggin! Gold obviously goes to the bronze-medal throwing weightlifter...

BobF said...

Here's what Stuczynski said about the matter.

Stuczynski says Suhr did only what she expects him to do. "What he said to me is nothing that made me sad," she says. "I'm a 26-year-old professional athlete. I ask him to be fair coach. I don't ask him to be a cheerleader. I want you to tell me when I jump good, and I want you to tell me when I jump bad` I think a lot of people don't understand that this is my job. This is what I do for a living, and I have to be good at it, and I have to get better at it. And we celebrated it. But at that moment, I wanted to know why I didn't make that bar."

sang said...

how about that guy that in the Tae Kwon Do match who kicked the ref in the face? ouch!