Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Life-in-Boxes-pedia: Back to the Future Shoes

One of my favorite movies of all time has got to be Back to the Future II. It's one of the first movies I saw where they showed the distant future and how cool it was going to be. Flying cars, hoverboards, and of course, shoes that tie themselves.

Back to the Future II definitely caught other people's imaginations, as well, because a while back, launched. is a petition website whose goal is to convince Nike to create the power-laced kicks for real (btw, sign the petition!).

Even though their wish has not been granted yet, Nike did throw them a bone by releasing the Nike Hyperdunk 2015 sneakers. These are basically Hyperdunks whose design is inspired by the shoes and the movie. The shoes have been out for almost a month, but they can only be bought in certain store, like the Niketown in New York City. If you really want to snag one but don't live near any of the retailers, you can try your luck on eBay, where it's going for $400-$800.

And while the Hyperdunk 2015's don't have powerlaces, Gizmodo recently asked it's commenters to help on trying to change that. They posted up an article asking for people to try to hack the shoes and somehow add powerlaces to them. If someone is able to do it, it'll be freaking awesome.

My guess is that Nike is holding out until 2015 before releasing the replica shoes, lit-up logo and all. And if all goes well, it'll be released along with a Mattel brand hoverboard. Man, I can't wait for the future.


sang said...

I hope I can afford these things.. ..