Thursday, August 14, 2008

While you were sleeping... OLYMPICS edition, Pt. 2

Michael Phelps, the winningest Olympian everrrr
He won his fifth gold medal in Beijing, which puts him at an 11 career gold medals, and well on his way to: a) tying Mark Spitz for the most gold won in a single Olympic game (the record is 7) and b) attempting to win gold in every single event he's in, which would be 8, and c) becoming the most winningest Olympian EVER. Three more to go- a race today, Fri, and Sat. Oh, and he's also been breaking world records in every single one of those events, despite things like his goggles malfunctioning during his first race on Tuesday.

The Chinese women's gymnastics team win the gold
The US women's team settles for a silver after a disappointing night on Tuesday. The win for the Chinese is under a cloud of suspicion though, with many questioning the legitimacy of the women's age. 16 is the minimum age to be able to compete at the Olympics in gymnastics; most of the girls on the Chinese team, all weighing under 100 lbs and being under 5 ft, look like little girls. Their passports were issued by the Chinese government, who has stated repeatedly in the past of their intent to win win win at these games, so.... Not to take anything away from their win though, they were amazing.

The Spanish basketball teams are douchebags
Members of the Spanish men's and women's basketball team are finally apologizing for an advertisement in which they are photographed making Asian-caricature faces, you know the pulling of the eyes to make them 'slanty.' Real nice, folks. Way to piss off not only your gracious hosts, but like 60% of the world human population. Who still does this besides little 6 year olds who don't know any better? Oh, and the team's coach's declined to apologize for the incident saying that it was meant to be a joke- "All of the Spanish people are close to the Chinese people mentally," he said. "We have a very good relationship." What does it mean to be close mentally? Yeah, I couldn't figure it out either.

No medal for Roger Federer
US tennis player James Blake ended favorite Roger Federer's bid for his first Olympic singles medal in the quarterfinals. Kinda stunning, considering in their previous eight matches, Blake had only won a single set (NOT game). Sorry hardcore tennis fans, this means no Federer-Nadal match at the finals on Sunday that tennis fans had been hoping for. Blake is also the only US male left in the games.

Random Olympic Facts and Figures
6: Consecutive archery gold medals for the South Korean women's team.
17: Number of events Michael Phelps plans to swim in nine days.
204: Nations competing at the Beijing Games.


sang said...

then Blake lost to Gonzales. I mean.. can't make any excuses for losing, but shame on Gonzales.