Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Customer Is Always Right?

The following took place last month. The setting is good ole Fitness Factory on Grand Avenue in Palisades Park. My friend Sang has been given a free week pass by one of his friends and is attempting to swipe in early one morning. One of the staff members, let's call her Jane, stops him.

Jane: Can you swipe in again.
Sang: Swipes.
Jane: Your trial has expired.
Sang: What do you mean? It can't be expired. I got it two days ago.
Jane: It says it's expired.
Sang: Can you check your paperwork?
Jane: If the computer says it's expired, it's expired.
Sang: Don't you have copies of your records?
Jane: Do you have the receipt?
Sang: I didn't get a receipt.
Jane: Yes, you did.
Sang: No one gave me one.
Jane: Yea, you got no one.
Sang: I didn't?
Jane: Hold on let me talk to my supervisor. 2 Minutes later. The problem is that the free week trial is only available if you haven't been a member of the gym in the past six months.
Sang: Well that shouldn't be a problem. The latest time I could have been a member was August of last year.
Jane: Do you want me to check the computer!?
Sang: Yea, check the computer!
Jane: Reads a bit. It says here May 2006 to October 2006. Well the computer might be wrong, I mean like you said, you were here last year.
Sang: No. I said the latest I could have been a member was last year.
Jane: Hold on. Comes back 2 minutes later. Can I see your license?
Sang: Gives license.
Jane: Oh, see. The trial is only available for Palisades Park residents.
Sang: Wtf. I live in Ridgefield, it's literally a block away and nobody brought this up when I signed up.
Jane: But supervisor feels bad so he'll give you a free day pass today.

You tried your best to reason with them Sang and you failed. The lesson is, never try to reason with a Pal Park business ever again. Eventually, someone at Fitness came to their senses and called Sang and informed him they had renewed his free week pass. I think we all have similar experiences with shady, local businesses. Next time a well placed phone call to the Better Business Bureau should help them get their act together.


sang said...

That doesn't sound like me at all. :x