Friday, September 12, 2008

Deal of the Day: Free File Hosting for Life! is offering everyone 250gbs of free file hosting for life, a service that normally costs $10 a month. Apparently, it's their way of thanking the blog and Digg communities. I don't really get it, and honestly, I never heard of them before this deal, but whatever. Free is free right?

To jump on this deal, follow this link and sign up. You have until September 15th to do so.

I signed up already, but have yet to upload anything. I'll be utilizing their services soon, for sure, though.


Jen Shin said...

will it hold my photos and not lose them like kodakgallery did?? =T

Yuri Kim said...

yes, but it won't be in gallery form :x

sang said...

What's File hosting?