Wednesday, September 17, 2008

McDonald's Commercial: Apparently, Most Women Are Posers

I loves me a good commercial. One of my very first blog post was a bunch of European Ikea commercials (which attests to my theory that European commercials are a bit more racy than ours), and I have this weird, obsessive fondness for good commercials, probably due to Super Bowl commercials and working in marketing.

The latest commercial I saw that made me want to post isn't because it's a great one. Rather, it just makes me think about how some commercial do tend to reflect on the current times, whether intentional or not:

Seeing women admit that they don't really know where Paraguay is, but pretending to be intellects to save face at a jazzy cafe/coffee shop doesn't scream out OMG BEST COMMERCIAL EVER to me. Rather, it just makes me think about the country's current perception about "intellectual" women, a la Sarah Palin and it makes me sad.


Anonymous said...

like mcdonald's ever knows what its talking about

sang said...

sigh.. Palin.