Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Shocker: There are Korean Restaurants in Palisades Park

(Oh, heck yes.)

Despite the cynical headline, I was rather pleased when an anonymous commenter linked us to an article from the Bergen Record that gives a quick run down of some of the delicious restaurants available in Palisades Park. The article doesn't go into too much detail, but does throw a lot of information with 14 (including the sidebar) restaurants listed and described.

If I had to recommend a perfect second course for this article, I would suggest visiting Off the Broiler. He also read the Record article and then compiled a list of his favorite Korean eateries in the area. What makes his post special is that he has tons of pictures of what the restaurants and food look like. Just scrolling through his post makes me hungry!

So if you need some Korean restaurant guidance, hit up these two links and prepare to drool!


sang said...

I think I'm going to check out "off the broiler" more often now.

and Boom Boom Chicken - the anticipation was too much for the delivery. Think I'll try out Bon Chon today.