Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Worst Possible Thing That Could Happen To A Man (Possibly NSFW)

This story got me so freaked out, I had no choice but to post it.

Philip Seaton, some guy from Kentucky, went to his doctor to get circumcised, and when he woke up after the surgery, he found that HE WAS PENIS-LESS!

Apparently, the surgeon, Dr. John Patterson, decided to cut Seaton's manhood after finding a cancer on it. He did this all without getting the patient's consent, which is why he is getting sued.

There are no words to describe the anguish and sheer shock I would feel if I woke up to find that my penis was gone.

Poor guy.. asked for trim, they gave him a crew cut.

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Anonymous said...

"Poor guy.. asked for trim, they gave him a crew cut."


sang said...

Hmm... well if cutting it off was the only option for removing the cancer then the Doc did them a favor. Saved them alot of money. . . poor doctor.

Yuri Kim said...

woah, woah, woah, I think you're too quick to sympathize with the doctor.

I do not believe that the cancer was so bad that if the doc didn't cut it off _that instant_ the patient would die.

That combined with the fact that the patient did consent to any further treatment puts the doctor in the wrong here. The victim didn't even get a chance to give his opinion (or get a second opinion) before he lost a very vital... appendage.

Personally, my manhood is something that money cuold not replace.