Thursday, October 30, 2008

Artist of the Day: T.I.

Not being a HUGE hip-hop fan, I never really thought much of T.I. before he released his album, Paper Trail, last month. I only really knew him as the rapper on my least favorite Justin Timberlake song, and from his spotty personal life. But uh, T.I.'s latest musical efforts are all kinds of awesome.

The first single off Paper Trail, Whatever You Like, is the bomb. And apparently lots o' people think so too, since it jumped from #71 on the Billboard 100 chart to #1 in a week, breaking a record. Impressive.

And then, oh man, he releases Live Your Life ft. Rihanna. AWESOME. SO FREAKING CATCHY. Probably cause it samples that annoying-yet-also-catchy Numa Numa song, but like, I LOVE this song. Oh, I should mention that T.I. broke his own record (mentioned above), when the song jumped from #80 to #1 on the Hot 100 charts. (I will also throw out there that the following week, Britney broke his record when Womanizer jumped from #96 to 1, but...this post is about T.I.). Anyways, thanks for providing auditory awesomeness, T.I. You are my artist of the day. And you're hot. :)


sang said...

Ah. I love the numa numa song. The Korean version of it is horrible, at least T.I did something different with it.