Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Become a Budget Hero

With the country at the state it's currently in, you've probably thought to yourself, "Hell, I can run this country better than this!"

Well, you can kind of try to prove that with the flash game, Budget Hero.

Basically, you are able to decide how you want the government budget to look like. You can take away or give services as you please, which affects how big the government becomes and how much debt the country has. Obviously, the more government welfare plans you add, the bigger and more expensive government will be. If you cut all discretionary spending, you'll end up with more surplus and small government. After you decide how you want to set the budget, it simulates how well your budget perseveres through a span of 10 years.

The game obviously has certain flaws. Like, no repercussions for getting rid of all military spending or cutting all school aid. But it's a good time killer and can help you figure out what kind of government you think would be best for the country.

Kill 15 minutes, play the game.


sang said...

No time! Must Read!