Friday, October 17, 2008

Deal Blogs of the Day: and and are two blogs that I have been checking daily for the past few weeks.

They are deal blogs, where they post coupons and other good savings happening around the internet and in stores.

The reason I like these blogs as opposed to, say, checking Slickdeals all the time is that Slickdeals gets flooded with lots and lots of posts. These blogs cherry pick the best the find online, doing some of the dirty work for you.

Yes, you'll miss things here and there, but for pure simplicity and convenience, these blogs are a good way to keep up with good deals.


sang said...

oh nice. I always wondered how you find out these things? I'm glad you are there to do that stuff for me. I'm looking to purchase speakers for the computer, shoe shoes, ties, dress shirts, ipod, maybe a new mouse. If you find coupons for any of these items please let me know!


Crow said...

Gotta check DealRocker too. It has over two million product offers from about 2,000 merchants. offers the best combination of deals and coupons at one place. The deals and free coupons are updated regularly and span a wide range of product categories to address a variety of shopping needs.

It Rocks !!!!