Friday, October 31, 2008

His and Her Blog: Uncrate and Outblush

Two weeks ago, I posted about, a simple deal blog. This week, I want to plug two more websites run by the same corporation, which fittingly enough for today, is named Zombie Corp.

Uncrate and Outblush are the like the his and hers blog of the interwebs. They both post about cool things you can buy, with Uncrate focusing on men's goods and Outblush on women's products.

The things they post range from afford things like video games to the more drool-worthy Lamborghini's and jewelry. And both websites have the same straightforward feel of the Bargainist.

The blogs are great when you're feeling very consumer-like (for me, that's always) or when you're looking to find a cool and unique gift. Uncrate is a blog I check daily, so you should do the same.... Well, if you're a girl, you should hit up Outblush.